Local civic activity grants are meant for supporting activities invigorating the city.

Vantaa encourages its residents to create such activities that invigorate communities all over the city. You can apply the operating grants and project assistance for activities that are open to everybody and that promote social interaction in the residential area in question. The urban culture and wellbeing committee awards local civic activity grants.

Local civic activity operating grant

Local civic activity operating grants are meant for costs arising from an association's basic activities, compliant with the association’s rules and regulations. The grant awarded may not cover more than 90% of the grant-recipient's operating costs. The grant’s self-financing share may come from voluntary work. For example, district associations whose activities are regular and improve the residents’ participation and influencing options may apply for the grant. The next application period of operating grants is on February 1-28, 2023. 

Local civic activity project assistance

You can apply for local civic activity project assistance for arranging village festivals, different kinds of residents’ events, or other innovative projects. Project assistance is primarily meant to cover costs arising from event performance fees, rents, and necessary operating costs such as administrative fees. We recommend that the applicants be prepared to cover themselves part of the costs of the events.

Carefully fill out the project assistance application and return it at least 21 days before the event in question. Project assistance applications can be submitted throughout the year. The urban culture and wellbeing committee handles the project assistance applications in its meetings. You must submit your application at least 21 days before the next meeting of the committee. 

As a general rule, project assistance will be paid after the event in question. Costs arising from the event shall be receipt-specifically itemized on the account form. The account-handling time is usually 3 - 6 weeks.

N.B.! Apply for assistance in arranging Independence Day celebrations on the art and cultural events project assistance form.

The City of Vantaa’s general grounds for grants and stipends as well as principles of granting local civic activity grants will, in all respects, be applied to granting assistance. We recommend that you apply for assistance online at Oma Vantaa -website.

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