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If you are unable to visit a polling station, election officials can bring voting to you.

Myyrmäen vanhainkodissa asukkaita pöydän ympärillä

Home voting

If your mobility is limited to such an extent that you cannot visit a polling station or early voting location without undue difficulty, you can vote at home. A family caregiver living in the same household can also vote at the same time. Home voting is only possible in your municipality of residence.  

If you are entitled to vote at home, register for home voting no later than 21 March 2023 by 16.00. You can register for home voting by calling the election office at +358 43 825 0017 or by mailing the notification form to Vantaan kaupunki, vaalitoimisto, PL 1100, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki.  

The notification must include the voter's exact address, phone number and personal identity code in full. The same information is also needed for the family caregiver voting at home. The notification can also be made on behalf of the voter by a person appointed by them.  

The election office will contact home voters at the end of the registration period and inform them of the home voting time. Election officials will visit your home within one hour of the scheduled time. The general home voting time is on weekdays from 22 to 28 March 2023.  

Absentee voting at an institution  

Voting is possible in many of the city’s hospitals, medical institutions and penal institutions. Only residents registered in these institutions are entitled to vote and not, for example, the staff of the institution.   

Absentee voting at the institution is organised at the same time as general early voting.

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