School nurse is available also during the summer vacation

School and student nurses give appointments to schoolchildren and students during the summer vacation, June 3–Aug 2, 2019, at Nuorten monitoimitila Liito in Tikkurila.

Maanantai 3.6.2019

Vantaa Info offers versatile service counseling

Vantaa Info is a place where you can take care of issues related to your everyday life and to your leisure time. Come and visit us in Tikkurila, Myyrmäki or Korso!

Maanantai 10.6.2019

Welcome to Katrineberg

Katrineberg Manor is located in Vantaa’s Seuturila. A domestic animal yard, maintained by 4H organization, lies right by the manor.

Maanantai 17.6.2019
Chi Modu
By: Chi Modu

Chi Modu brings hiphop icons to Artsi

During in the summer of 2019, the Art Museum of Vantaa presents a retrospective of photographs taken by the American-Nigerian photographer Chi Modu, focusing mainly for hip hop and rap culture.

Perjantai 7.6.2019

What is a service voucher?

If your own health center cannot offer you a non-urgent appointment, you may receive a service voucher for a private health center.

Torstai 25.4.2019

IHH serves newcomers also in Vantaa

International House Helsinki provides a wide range of information and public authority services to meet the needs of international newcomers in the metropolitan area.

Maanantai 13.5.2019