Services for jobseekers under the age of 30

There is a wide range of services and individual solutions towards working life available for persons under the age of 30. Their personal coach supports them in choosing services and in employment-related issues.

The services for persons under the age of 30 give you support and guidance in

  • job search and the drafting of job application documents,
  • weighing options for career and educational choices,
  • decisions on setting up your own business,
  • finding and using services that promote employment,
  • managing health care, housing and personal finances,
  • examining recreational opportunities.

The aim is to find employment directly on the open labour market or, depending on your life situation, to improve your employment or study skills first.

Ohjaamo Vantaa

Are you a teenager or young adult aged 15–29? Are you looking for a job, considering education or career options or recreational activities, or wondering where to start planning for the future? Contact Ohjaamo!

  • The open advisory services of the Vantaa Ohjaamo are open Mon–Fri at 12.00–16.00.
  • Ohjaamo is located in Tikkurila at Lummetie 2 b C (Liito multi-purpose venue).

You can find more information on Ohjaamo and the services for young people on Ohjaamo’s website. Ohjaamo has a social instructor who can help in various housing and financial issues. The Ohjaamo website also has plenty of links and materials related to finding work, education, housing, finances, health and free time.

Ohjaamo Vantaa website.

Services for jobseekers under the age of 30

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