Fazer Experience Visitor Center


Fazer Experience Vierailukeskus iltavalaistuksessa.

Fazer Experience Vierailukeskus, Fazerintie 6, 01230 Vantaa


Experience the world-famous Fazer with all your senses

Founded in 1891, Fazer is one of the most beloved Finnish food companies. At the Fazer Experience Visitor Center you can see how they make their famous chocolate and how their breads get their unique taste. Experience a lush garden of plants that feature in Fazer recipes – from Finnish rowan berries, apples and sugar beets to more exotic plants such as cocoa and pepper. You can also learn more about Fazer’s operations, history, innovation and corporate responsibility.

Responsibility is a key part of Fazer’s philosophy which focuses on sustainable development. The Fazer Experience Visitor Center is a sustainable destination which was awarded Visit Finland’s Sustainable Travel Finland award in October 2020.

You can also sink your teeth into Finnish delicacies at the Fazer Café Fazerila and take something home with you from the Fazer Experience Shop.


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