Information about Vantaa for arrivals from Ukraine



On this page you can find information for arrivals from Ukraine to Vantaa. The city offers various services.

Notice regarding education provided by the city for people coming from Ukraine

We warmly welcome you to early childhood education and school! We also provide Finnish language lessons to adults. Swedish language lessons for adults are provided by the Swedish Adult Education Center of the City of Helsinki (Arbis).

Education for children and young people is free of charge in Finland. Every early childhood education and school day includes a free warm meal. Children and young people are provided with the textbooks and other materials required for education free of charge.

Early childhood education is charged based on family income. Early childhood education may also be free of charge depending on the income. A typical day of early childhood education in daycare center or family day care includes a warm meal.

You can find more information on the city website at or Vantaa info tel. 09 83911
Open on Mon-Tue 8:00-15:30, Wed 8:00-14:00, Thu-Fri 8:00-15:30, closed on Sat-Sun.

The following sections describe the services of early childhood education, pre-primary education and basic education.

Health and Social Welfare

When you are applying for temporary protection, Finnish Immigration Service will arrange the social and health services you need.

The City of Vantaa offers social and crisis center services, immigrant services, urgent medical treatment, as well as maternity and child welfare clinic services. In addition, schoolchildren and students are entitled to school and student health care services. If you need other health care services, contact the reception center.

The service is provided in English and, when required, interpretation services will be provided.

Jobseeking and employment

People who have fled Ukraine because of the war can work in Finland. You can begin looking for a job, once you have received a decision on your residence permit.

Leisure and recreational activities

In Vantaa, you can join sport and fitness groups, visit swimming halls and gyms, enjoy cultural offerings, attend Adult Education Institute courses and take part in a wide variety of other recreational activities free of charge. The city offers a wide variety of activities, and it is also possible to participate in activities offered by numerous associations and clubs.

Guidance and help

Vantaa Info provides general information on the services offered by the City of Vantaa and its partners. Vantaa Info will advise and help you find the best service for your needs. We will direct you to an expert, if necessary.


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