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Maanantai 11.11.2019
Students studying English by their laptops

Finnish language courses now even easier to find service has been rebuilt and updated. Finnish language courses can be searched based on city, level, price, dates and educational institute.

Maanantai 11.11.2019

Welcome to Koivukylä Service Center

Guidance and advice without appointment at Koivukylä Service Center. The service center will inform you about using TE, Kela, registry office, police and the City of Vantaa's various services.

Maanantai 30.9.2019

Flu vaccinations have begun

The flu vaccine is the best protection against influenza. By taking the vaccine, you can also protect the people close to you. See detailed vaccination schedule and instructions.

Torstai 14.11.2019

Vantaa Event Calendar

Vantaa offers events with different themes to people of all tastes and ages.

Tiistai 12.11.2019

Works by Laila Pullinen at Artsi

An exhibition of Laila Pullinen’s work will be on show at the Vantaa Arts Museum Artsi from September 19th 2019 to January 12th 2020.

Perjantai 13.9.2019

In you find information about Vantaa and how to live in Vantaa in 12 languages.

Keskiviikko 9.10.2019
kuvituskuva – information and services for your life events

Keskiviikko 9.10.2019