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Here you can find information regarding coronavirus vaccinations in Vantaa.

Current information on vaccinations

Target groups

Those belonging to the vaccination target groups can have their vaccine at any of Vantaa’s coronavirus vaccination points, except for 5-11-year-olds who will be administered a smaller dose of the BioNTech-Pfizer’s Comirnaty vaccine.

Minors can themselves decide on vaccination, if a health care professional estimates that they can decide on the vaccination due to their age and developmental level. There is no age limit for self-determination: all cases will be separately assessed. If a young person cannot themselves decide on the vaccination or does not want to decide, all guardians’ consent will be required. Consent form, pdf. See also THL’s information letter to the young to be vaccinated.

Vaccination points

Clik to see Vantaa's vaccination points, timetables and link to the online appointment service.
Vaccination points for 5-11-year-olds can be found further down on this website.

When you arrive to the vaccination point, please remember:

  • ensure social distancing
  • wear a mask
  • ensure good hand hygiene.

A person accompanying you may only come inside the vaccination place, if you cannot cope with the vaccination situation on your own.

Please let the personnel at the vaccination point know if you feel nervous about the vaccination, so we will take it into account.

Vaccination points for 5-11-year-olds

Vaccinations for 5-11-year-olds are available both with and without appointment at specific vaccination points. Both guardians must sign in a consent form (pdf) before the child can be vaccinated for the first time. We recommend that guardians will in the form before arriving at the vaccination point. A non-official form, signed by the guardians, is also accepted.

When you arrive at the vaccination point

  • Book an appointment in advance at the online appointment service: or by phone at 09 839 50090 (Monday to Friday at 8-15). 
  • Arrive on time precisely so that the point is not congested.
  • Take care of your own and your child's hand and cough hygiene and safety intervals throughout the vaccination.
  • A mask at the vaccination point is offered to anyone under the age of 12. The use of the mask is voluntary for children under 12 years of age.

Vaccination points for 5-11-year-olds

The EU’s COVID-19 certificate

The EU COVID-19 certificate consists of three certificates:

  • a certificate of a COVID-19 vaccine taken
  • a certificate of a negative test result
  • a certificate of coronavirus disease had.

Read more about the COVID-19 certificate on THL's website. Download the COVID-19 certificate from My Kanta.

Those who cannot use My Kanta by themselves or authorize another person to use My Kanta on their behalf, can get a paper certificate printed at a health center. In this case, the person needing the certificate shall contact the health center by sending a Maisa message or by calling the health center’s phone service.

You will get the certificate primarily by mail.

Please do not contact the health center if you have access to My Kanta and only need a printer. You can use a printer for example at libraries.

Note! The acceptance period of the certificate when used for travel purposes is 9 months (270 days) from the second dose of vaccine.

Persons whose certificate has expired and who have received a third dose can visit the My Kanta Pages to get a new certificate of vaccination, which will be valid for the time being.

If you notice any errors in the COVID-19 certificate, or if the certificate is not available within five days from the vaccination, send your call-back request and contact information by email to:

Vantaa residents who have been vaccinated abroad can now get a EU’s COVID-19 certificate

The EU Digital COVID Certificate can be granted only with respect to vaccine products which have a marketing authorization granted by the European Commission or which have obtained emergency use listing by the World Health Organization (WHO). See the list here.

For you to get the certificate, please leave a contact request to us. You can email us at or visit Myyrmanni or Varia vaccination points. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Note! Do not send your vaccination certificates via email.