Instructions for those infected with COVID-19


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On this website you will find instructions for how you should act if you have been infected with coronavirus.

Everybody with a positive test result will no longer be called; neither will they be placed in isolation. We strongly recommend that you avoid all contacts for at least five days.

How to act if I get sick?

If your symptoms are mild, stay at home and rest.

  • If your condition worsens and you cannot cope with the home-care instructions, call the infection helpline. The helpline serves on weekdays at 8:00-16, tel. 09 839 50070.
  • At other times, call Medical Helpline, tel. 116 117, if you cannot cope at home with your COVID-19 symptoms.
  • In life-threatening cases, call 112.

How to treat COVID-19 at home

The coronavirus disease ranges from asymptomatic to severe cases, that require hospitalization. Most people who are fully vaccinated manage with the disease at home.

Positive test result before January 21st

Infectious disease allowance

Read about the infectious disease allowance on Kela's website.