When and how to take a COVID-19 test?


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Vantaa applies HUS’ (the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa) instructions for when and how one takes a COVID-19 test, as well as for taking a Coronavirus antigen home test.

People with mild symptoms should not go to laboratory testing, unless they belong to the coronavirus risk groups. The health-care testing capacity shall be targeted at those needing the test because of medical reasons, as well as to health-care units, care institutions, and housing units for those belonging to risk groups. Others can, if they wish, take a coronavirus home test.

For whom is a laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 test recommended?

Coronavirus sampling points in Vantaa

Coronavirus home tests

COVID-19 sampling has overloaded. If you have mild symptoms (such as sniffles and a sore throat) and you do not belong to the group of laboratory-confirmed COVID-19 testing, you can do a coronavirus antigen home test.