Vantaa Info’s services will remain available in summer


Do you need a fishing permit, information about a summer event or help with filling in an electronic form? Vantaa Info can provide advice in a variety of situations.

Vantaa-info kohtaa kuntalaisia monia kanavia pitkin.

Vantaa Info provides residents of Vantaa with general advice regarding the services of the city and several partners. The staff are available to guide locals every weekday at the customer service points in Tikkurila, Myyrmäki and Korso, and via telephone and chat.  Where necessary, we refer customers to specialists. The topics of the advice span a wide range – some have even referred to Vantaa Info as a counterpart to Google.

The summer season shows at Vantaa Info

Vantaa Info provides local residents with a wealth of information on things specifically related to the summer season. For the Vantaa Info staff, these topics are a sure sign of summer.

At Vantaa Info, you can purchase fishing and crayfishing permits for the authorised fishing locations along local rivers and rapids. During many summers, we have also sold affordable tickets to the Hiekkaharju, Keimola and Nevas golf courses. We also help people find free physical activity opportunities for the summer, such as hiking routes and swimming spots. In addition, we can point people towards carpet washing locations that are available from spring to autumn.

Summers in Vantaa include a variety of events for people of all ages, and we at Vantaa Info are happy to provide details about them at any time. The Pride Week celebrating equality brings colour and cheer to the midsummer period, and Vantaa Info has traditionally handed out rainbow flags and pins during the event.

Late in the summer, the day care centres that have been on summer break are reopened and school begins. Vantaa Info can provide advice on applying for early childhood education and preparing the related income statement. The basic education pupils who have been granted student travel card can pick their cards up at Vantaa Info.

Guidance and assistance in many matters

The multilingual advisors of the Neuvova Vantaa project have been serving customers at the Tikkurila and Myyrmäki service points for 18 months now. Many Vantaa residents have received guidance on services provided by authorities as well as guidance on the various phases of the integration process. This summer, advice will be available in a total of 11 languages. The service hours and languages available at each service point can be checked at

In the 2020s, people are increasingly handling their affairs online. Electronic services are fast, efficient and available 24/7. For many, using them requires learning new things, which may result in the need for support. Vantaa Info provides the support needed to access the e-services of the city and its partners. For example, we steer people towards the HSL mobile apps and Kela’s e-services. If necessary, we also advise customers on the guidance of other providers of digital support. Once a week, the city’s own Cloud Agents are also present at the Tikkurila and Myyrmäki service points to solve digitally related problems.

There is no Vantaa without its residents, which is why Vantaa Info’s services focus on contact between people in addition to information flow. Welcome to Vantaa Info!

Elsa Korhonen & Sanna Parrukoski


Vantaa Info’s services in the summer of 2023

Telephone: 09 83911, Mon–Tue 8–15:30, Wed 8–14, Thu–Fri 8–15:30
Chat:, Mon–Tue 9–15, Wed 9–14, Thu–Fri 9–15
Service points:

Vantaa Info Myyrmäki

Until 4 June and as of 7 August: Mon–Wed 8:45–16:30, Thu 12–17, Fri 7:45–15:30
2 June–4 July closed due to renovation
3 July–6 August Mon–Wed, Fri 7:45–15:30, Thu 12–17

Vantaa Info Tikkurila

Until 9 June and as of 7 August: Mon–Wed 8:45–15:30, Thu 12–17, Fri 7:45–15:30
12 June–6 August Mon–Wed, Fri 7:45–15:30, Thu 12–17

Vantaa Info Korso

Until 4 June and as of 7 August: Mon–Wed, Fri 7:45–15:30, Thu 12–17
Closed 5 June–6 August

For possible changes in opening hours, please visit


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Residents' magazine2/2023