Bulletin, January 15, 2021, to students, guardians and faculty on high-school graduates’ continuing contact instruction, benchpressing fest and senior dance


The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group outlined in its meeting on January 14, 2021, that all high-school graduates are offered the possibility of returning to contact instruction as of January 15, 2021 for the end of the third study unit. The high-school graduates are not obliged to return to contact instruction; they can themselves choose whether to participate in contact instruction or distance learning. Lessons are arranged in such a way that students in contact instruction study on classroom premises, while those in distance learning participate in instruction via remote access. The high-school graduates are also offered the possibility of participating in contact instruction in the final week of the study unit.

We recommend that the high-school graduates take a 2-week voluntary quarantine before the matriculation examinations. The high-school students that lack courses or have necessary contact instruction needs will transfer to distance learning at the latest on March 1, 2021, when they can take a voluntary quarantine and secure their participation in the matriculation examinations, which will begin on March 16, 2021.

The following principles, among others, dictate arranging of safe contact instruction in high schools:

  •  Observing general hygiene instructions
  •  Recommending the use of face masks
  •  Scheduling meals by accounting for social distancing and general hygiene instructions
  •  Utilizing all school premises, which will make social distancing easier.
  •  According to principals’ instructions, recesses as well as entry-into-school and school-leaving times are scheduled.

The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group decided that the benchpressing fest (penkkarit), gala and truck drives in February be canceled.

The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group also decided that the senior dance be transferred from February to May. Second-year high-school students will participate in planning the senior dance.

The City of Vantaa's emergency situation management group decided on November 24, 2020, that distribution of face masks will be extended to upper secondary education institutions. If a secondary education institution’s student cannot afford to acquire face masks or has forgotten the face mask at home, they can fetch a face mask at a point designated by the educational institution. The chief rule is that students shall themselves acquire their face masks.

I sincerely hope that as many students as possible and faculty members will wear face masks.