City Council ratified plan for Aviapolis high-rises


Vantaa city council ratified in its meeting on March 8 the plan alteration that will make it possible to build high-rises in the area of Aviapolis’ southern station.

Veromies, southern Aviapolis: The plan alteration increases the number of housing units and thus promotes the amount and versatility of services near the station. At the same time, Avia Plaza will be expanded, and other arrangements in the city block will also be changed. The amount of residential building will total 33 100 k-m2. There will be 650 homes for a thousand residents. Business and office building will total 11 750 k-m2.

The area is located in Veromies, around the southern entrance building of the Aviapolis station. The area is restricted in the north by Aviakuja and Lokinpuisto, in the east by Aviabulevardi, in the south by Tikkurilantie, and in the west by Turbiinitie.

The essential theme of the environs of the southern Aviapolis station will be a bigger Avia Plaza, around which street-level services will be placed. There will be a joint-use playground and sports area at the edge of Lokinpuisto.

A 16-story high-rise will be built on the southside of Avia Plaza, and its 15-story “sister” business high-rise will arise on the northside. The high-rises’ distribution of housing units will focus on small housing units, which is why joint premises—required by plan provisions—must be built.

High-rise residential buildings for around 600 residents are on the Avia Plaza’s northside. There will be business and service premises on the edge of the plaza as well as in the corner of Aviabulevardi and Aviakuja. The division of housing units will focus on bigger units than studio apartments. The buildings’ facades, details, windows, colors and materials shall be different in different buildings, and the stories shall be treated as separate buildings.

Consistent with the principles of resource-smartness, the local detailed plan has demands as regards trees to be maintained and trees to be planted; preparing for production of renewable energy and electric cars; green factors, and building communal premises for the residents. For example, the top of the car park must be partly green roof.

Other plans ratified by the city council

Hakunila, Saagatie: The unbuilt lot planned for public local services will be turned to residential use. The planning area is located on the edge of the residential area built in the 1990s. The area amounts to around 1.7 hectares, of which approximately 1.3 hectares will be designated for building. The rowhouses and apartment buildings will have homes for around 170 new residents.

Hämeenkylä, Pähkinänsärkijä: The plan makes it possible to demolish the business building at the intersection of Lammaslammentie and Pähkinärinteentie, and to build the block into an efficient urban block. There will by high-rise residential buildings with 6-8 stories, that is, around 350 housing units, as well as business premises and a five-story parking garage.

Petikko, Tiilenlyöjänkuja 1: LSMamaka Oy is applying for business and office premises arising to 1000 k-m² on the industrial and storage lot, while the current local detailed plan only allows for 504 k-m².

Submitting initiatives is the Vantaa way of making an impact

Vantaa residents have the right to launch initiatives to the city for issues related to the city’s operations. The person that submitted the initiative must be informed of any measures taken resulting from the initiative. In 2020, altogether 51 initiatives to municipal authorities were submitted. The number corresponds to the levels of the previous years.

The subjects of the initiatives focus on the urban environment and urban culture departments. Traffic-related issues are one of the biggest subjects of initiatives. Boosting monitoring, maintenance of traffic routes and traffic lights are examples of initiatives submitted by the residents. Moreover, issues related to physical exercise are repeatedly seen in the initiatives.

Vantaa has several means for the residents to make an impact, of which the initiative to municipal authorities is statutory. The Committed Vantaa model encourages the residents to increasingly participate in developing the city. This is also linked to promoting transparent administration. Vantaa is characterized by highly different and unique areas. The Committed Vantaa model supports local civic activity in multiple ways.

Check out Committed Vantaa online.

The city council must be informed at least once a year of initiatives belonging to its authority, as well as of the measures taken because of them. The city council entered the initiatives for information.


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