Energia Areena vaccination point transfers to Myyrmäki Hall as of September 1


As of September 1, vaccinations in Myyrmäki will be given at Myyrmäki Hall (Raappavuorentie 10) instead of at Energia Areena. The vaccinations will continue as usual despite the change in the vaccination point.

From the beginning of September, Vantaa has four vaccination points: Myyrmäki Hall (Raappavuorentie 10), Varia campus in Hiekkaharju (Tennistie 1), Lumo multipurpose house in Korso (entrance at the corner of Merikotkankuja and Urpiaisentie, in operating till September 13), Dixi shopping mall (Ratatie 11).

Pimarily make a vaccination appointment online at koronarokotusaika.fi. If you cannot make an online appointment, you can make an appointment by leaving a call-back request, tel. 09 5844 3030 (Mon-Fri at 8:00-16:00). We recommend that you make an appointment for the first vaccination and the second, that is, the booster shot at the same time. You can take the booster shot 8-12 weeks after the first vaccination. When required, you can change your appointment online at koronarokotusaika.fi or through the call-back service.

Walk-in vaccination points

In Vantaa, you can take the first coronavirus vaccination at a walk-in vaccination point without having to make an advance appointment. Please be prepared to queue when coming to the vaccination point. There is a limited number of daily appointments.

Walk-in vaccination points

  •  Until August 31, Myyrmäki’s Energia Areena (Rajatorpantie 23), Mon-Fri: at 8:30-15:00
  •  As of September 1, Myyrmäki Hall (Raappavuorentie 10), Mon-Fri: at 8:30-15:00
  •  Varia campus in Hiekkaharju (Tennistie 1), Mon-Fri: at 8:30-15:00
  •  Dixie Shopping Malla (Ratatie 11), Mon-Fri at 9:00-17:00

Read more about coronavirus vaccinations in Vantaa online at: Coronavirus vaccinations