The fall term 2022 begins in Vantaa


Vantaa Vocational College Varia opens its doors to students today, August 3. The new TUVA education also starts today. The autumn semester of pre-primary education, basic education and high schools’ starts next week, Thursday 11 August.

Lapsi koulussa pulpetin edessä.

Picture: Sercan Alkan

A new era will begin in many families, whereas some families will return to the familiar routine when the fall term begins in Vantaa’s schools, educational institutions and kindergartens. 

This year, 2,600 children will begin one-year pre-primary education in Vantaa. Altogether 500 children have been chosen in two-year pre-primary education trial. 

Two-thousand four-hundred and fifty-one students will begin school in basic education, of which 81 will attend Swedish-language education. 

The number of new high schoolers in Vantaa high schools amounts to 1,341. The City of Vantaa has five Finnish-language and one Swedish-language day high schools. In addition, you can perform high-school studies at Vantaa Upper Secondary School for Adults and at Sotunki distance learning high school that apply the high school education for adults curriculum. 

Altogether 832 students began their studies at Vocational college Varia’s four campuses. 

This fall Vantaa launches TUVA education—that is, preparatory education for programs leading to an upper secondary qualification—. TUVA aims to coach students in learning skills required in upper secondary education. You can apply for TUVA education even if you are not sure about what you wish to study after basic school. 

You can apply for both Varia and TUVA education around the year, which means that new students begin their studies throughout the year. 

You are warmly welcome to learn in Vantaa! 

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