Moomins on their way to Vantaa - local detailed plan for Backas experiential center available for public inspection


Vantaa City Executive Board decided in its meeting on November 1, 2021, to make the new Backas local detailed plan proposal—that aims to build a unique experiential center in Backas—available for public inspection. The meeting also discussed choosing the urban environment deputy mayor, next year’s tax percentages, as well as the mayor's budget proposal. In addition, the board ratified the city’s new 2022-2025 security plan.

Autumn landscape from Tikkurila.

Moomin park in Backas

The city executive board decided to make the new local detailed plan proposal for Backas experiential center in Pakkala available for public inspection. The aim is to build a new event and experiential park in Backas, as well as a new residential building along Ylästöntie. The experiential park will be an important project for the City of Vantaa. It will bolster Aviapolis’ vision of a vibrant and international airport city. The project comprises, among other things, a Moomin indoor park, a nature-themed indoor park, as well as an event center. 

The experiential park will combine Finnish nature, Backas manor's cultural history, and globally interesting brands such as the Moomins. The experiential center will be built along Backas manor’s hill, and a personal residential block will arise beside it. Nature will have a strong presence in the area, as seen in, for instance, the Krakanoja nature reserve, wide recreation areas, myriad green factors, and green roofs. 

Urban environment deputy mayor to be selected on November 15

The city executive board decided on the vote on the urban environment deputy mayor. Next, the selection will be decided on by the city council on November 15. The urban environment deputy mayor is in charge of heading the department and being responsible for, among other things, preparing and executing tasks under the department’s authority, promoting sustainable urban development, as well as planning. The recruitment project was managed by a committee, set by the city executive board. Fifteen candidates applied for the job, four of them were interviewed, and two of them underwent personal assessment.

Year 2022 tax percentages to remain unchanged

The city executive board decided to submit year 2022 tax percentages for the city council’s ratification. The income tax percentage will remain 19% and the real-estate tax 1.28%. The city council will ratify the tax percentages in its meeting on November 15.

The 2022 income tax percentage will also dictate the year 2023 income tax percentage, because municipalities cannot alter their income tax percentages in the fall of 2022, because of the wellbeing services county reform. The 2023 tax-percentage cut will be made from the year 2022 income tax percentages. According to the latest calculation, the income tax percentages would be cut by 12.39 percentage points. The final percentage point to be cut will become clear in the course of 2022.

Mayor's proposal for 2022 budget

Mayor Ritva Viljanen published her budget proposal for next year, as well as her proposal for the 2022-2025 financial plan on November 1. The budget and the financial plan will be handled throughout November. The city executive board’s detailed negotiations on the budget and the financial plan will take place on November 29, and the board will decide on its budget proposal on November 30. The city council will decide on next year’s budget in its meeting on December 13.

Themes of the security plan consist of intimate partner violence, intoxicants, the young, and mobility

The city executive board discussed the city’s security situation and ratified the 2022-2025 security plan. The plan consists of an assessment of the operating environment, themes, and assessments. Furthermore, the plan consists of two underlying operative goals: good safety and security management, as well as gender sensitivity. Based on the assessment of the operating environment, the following four themes were chosen for the plan: intimate partner violence, intoxicants, the young, and the safety of mobility. The themes have their own focus areas and measures to be taken. The measures to improve the safety of the theme areas will be implemented as part of the departments’ annual operational and financial planning.