Resident – help us develop health- and wellbeing-promotion services!


Residents now have the chance to make an impact on developing health- and wellbeing-promotion services in the Vantaa and Kerava wellbeing services county. We are collecting residents’ views and experiences through an online survey and through workshops. Welcome!

kaksi ihmistä kävelee liikuntapaikan pihalla selin kameraan nähden.

Did you know that, in addition of a healthy diet and physical exercise, you can further promote your wellbeing, for example, by engaging in hobbies that you like, by spending time with others, and, perhaps, by enjoying nature or culture?

We wish that Vantaa and Kerava residents are healthy and feel fine. Therefore, we are developing in the Vantaa and Kerava wellbeing services county new health- and wellbeing-promotion operating models, as well as a service platform, which will make it even easier for the residents to find their way to these services. Because the services are made for the residents, we want to hear the residents of the future wellbeing services county as regards developing these activities. We wish the residents will participate in the online survey as well as in the workshops. 

Answer the online survey

Is it easy for you to find leisure time activities in Vantaa and Kerava? Are you familiar with cultural, nature and sports services suitable for you?

This survey charts the residents’ experiences in and opinions on finding cultural, sports, and nature services, as well as organizational activities. Answering the questions will take about 5 - 10 minutes, and you can answer the survey in Finnish, Swedish, or English.

Answer the survey on the Osallistuva Vantaa (Committed Vantaa) service by November 30, 2022.

Welcome to the workshops on creating wellbeing together!

Are you interested in developing health- and wellbeing-promotion services?

Come and join our residents’ workshops and share your ideas on how residents in Vantaa and Kerava could easily find their way to health- and wellbeing-promotion services such as cultural, nature and sports services, as well as activities provided by organizations? The workshops will be arranged together with educated experts by experience of KAP Vantaa -kokemusasiantuntijapankki. You will meet other people at the workshops and have the possibility of making an impact on developing local services. Coffee and snacks will be served. The event is relaxed and full of discussion.

We hope that you will enroll in the workshops in advance.

Workshops’ schedules (2022):

  • Open residents’ workshop for over-65-year-olds
    November 14, at 13:00-15:00
    Korson korttelikerho, Korson kirkon seurakuntasali, Merikotkantie 4, Vantaa
  • Open residents’ workshop for the young and young adults under the age of 30
    November 22, at 16.00-18.00
    Keravan Ohjaamo, Kauppakaari 11, Kerava (street level)
  • Open residents’ workshop for all residents
    November 23, at 13:00-15:00
    Tikkurilan asukastila, Lummetie 2a (4th floor), Vantaa

Additional information and enrollments:

Reetta Kyyrö
Project coordinator
VaKeHyva - Hyvät palvelut -hanke
p. 040 665 8266

This development is part of Vantaa and Kerava's joint VaKeHyva – hyvät palvelut (good services) project. Read more about the project on the City of Vantaa’s website.


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