School Day application provides up-to-date information on students’ wellbeing - the app is being piloted in the spring


Vantaa schools will adopt the School Day app, developed for measuring and developing the wellbeing of students in grades 3 and 7. The app is being piloted in spring 2021 in Aurinkokivi, Kytöpuisto and Koivukylä schools, as well as in Jokiniemi school’s instruction for the disabled. The app is planned to be extended to cover all Vantaa students in grades 3 and 7 in fall 2021.

The students participating in the pilot will answer questions once a week on the School Day phone app or through Wilma. Class teachers and homeroom teachers will instruct their groups in answering the survey. Students and guardians can, if they wish, download the School Day app on their smartphones. If you do not want to download the app, you can answer the survey through Wilma.

The School Day model consists of four main wellbeing themes: learning, social and emotional skills, social relationships, and wellbeing. The social and emotional skills theme applies the structure and contents developed by the OECD.

The students’ answers will be handled on group level; the app will not collect information on an individual student’s wellbeing.

School Day provides real-time information on students’ wellbeing. The app provides teachers with information on the wellbeing of their own classes, as well as tips on developing wellbeing. Principals and schools’ community welfare teams gain information on the entire school’s situation as well as comparison data on the classes’ wellbeing.

“We can support groups and teachers better than before thanks to the constantly collected and up-to-date information,” tells district manager Johanna Honkanen.

Class teachers, homeroom teachers and student welfare employees will handle the groups’ wellbeing data together with the students, and relay information on support for wellbeing to the guardians as well.