Studying at the new Leppäkorpi School building starts after autumn holiday 2021


The schools of Korso and Leppäkorpi will combine into a new Leppäkorpi combined school on 1 August 2021.

The construction of a new school building is progressing, and the schedules have been clarified. According to the information received from the builder, the completion of the school building will be delayed from what was planned. Among other things, additional excavations for the construction work and the high need for mass replacement caused the unfortunate need for additional time in the overall schedule. According to the current estimate, the school will be completed at the turn of September-October, and it would be possible to move into the new school building after the autumn holiday on 25 October 2021.

Due to the delay, the fall semester of 2021 of the students of Leppäkorpi School will start on the campuses of the Leppäkorpi temporary school and Korso School. Grades 1–4 will study on the Leppäkorpi temporary school campus. as well as two 5th grades (this year’s classes 4J and 4P). On the Korso school campus, grades 6–9 will start the school year, as well as two 5th grades (this year’s classes 4S, 4E) and a combined 5th-6th grade class (this year’s class 4-5M).

When all the school facilities in Leppäkorpi are ready and the wooden school has been renovated, 1st grade students will study in the wooden school and 2nd to 9th grade students in the main building.

According to the original plan, the renovation of the wooden school was to start in the fall semester of 2021 and be completed by the beginning of the school year 2022‒2023. There will also be delays in this schedule. Therefore, part of the temporary school building will remain in place on the school field. The 1st grade students will study in the temporary school building until the renovation of the wooden school is completed.

Details related to the beginning of the school year will be notified to each class separately later in the spring.

- Although the construction is delayed, plans to start the new school year are well under way and the activities of the new Leppäkorpi School are being set into motion enthusiastically, says Päivi Hasari, the principal of the Leppäkorpi School.

There have been indoor air problems in Korso’s school buildings, but they have remained under control with Delete’s multi-year indoor air project and monitoring. The number of indoor air notifications has been normal for several semesters already.