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Talent Vantaa met the founder of Euroscalers program this fall as they launched their second round to support the growth of Finnish companies. Rasmus Basillier, the founder of Euroscalers, has seemingly developed a worthy concept to do that based on the results of previous round conducted last spring. By then, the concept was a huge success and all the companies that participated in the intense 10 weeks program, managed to get sales conversions or leads. The program is clearly action and result driven and gives participants excellent foundation to develop international sales.

Rasmus Basilier, Owner & Program Manager of Euroscalers

Rasmus Basilier, Owner & Program Manager of Euroscalers. Photo Credit: Rasmus Basilier

Euroscalers is a publicly subsidized accelerator program that helps small and medium companies to start or expand their sales on the European market, offering a competitive advantage to any company interested in internationalisation. City of Vantaa supports the program together with Talent Vantaa project.

The way we socialize, learn and do business has been profoundly impacted by technology and Euroscalers seems to have considered the above when creating the program’s curriculum which meets all these needs. During the whole virtual learning experience, most companies understand what business opportunities should explore and what strategies they must use when planning for internationalisation.

Besides the team coaching sessions, the companies that have attended the program have also benefited from workshops which facilitate better understanding of the market entry situation and localization needs in Europe.

Market analysis tools offer insights that help the participants expand their presence in Europe. By assessing the size of the market, if and how big the demand for their product is, what the competitive situation looks like and so on, companies can create different scenarios and plan accordingly with the business coach. Besides helping build the right approach to internationalization, the companies receive help with the development of practical business models and deployment of tools.

Due to the hybrid style of the program, Euroscalers works as a B2B network where attendees can share their experience with others who are or have been in the same development stage as them. ‘Euroscalers works because the environment is very development focused, which means that everyone is trying to help each other. There is also a responsibility to the collective which means you don’t want to show up unprepared’ according to one of the previous participants in spring. Besides building cooperation between participants, there’s a fast and easy information flow within the business community formed.

In order to optimize implementation, most of the ideas and tools recommended during the program have been previously tested, so they are extremely practical and effective and the results are guaranteed. Euroscalers is leveraging the groups knowledge of retailers and distribution partners and helps with sales conversions and expansion in Europe according to the PwC report.

Another company that has benefited from this incubator program during this fall session is Vantaa-based Ficolo Oy that provides public cloud services and data centers.

The kinetic façade of The Air data center in Helsinki

The kinetic façade of The Air data center in Helsinki. Photo credit: Santeri Raappana

In terms of internationalization, Ficolo had previous challenges with outbound sales. In our business we get some inbound queries driven by marketing, but outbound is difficult and requires a lot of effort. Euroscalers helped us with sparring ways to contact customers and also to introduce a new tool for automating outbound emails’ says Kim Gunnelius, CCO and Co-Founder at Ficolo Oy.  

When they have initially signed up for the Euroscalers program, Ficolo Oy was looking for opportunities to spar on different approaches, the goal was to get new perspectives and ideas on outbound sales methodswhich the accelerator program certainly delivered. ‘Getting the message out to customers and exceeding their expectations in the bidding process’ was one of the most important aspects that the company has focused on while expanding to new markets.

It is common knowledge the significant environmental impact certain data centers have. Ficolo Oy is a service provider that holds The Climate Neutral company certification granted by South Pole and is aiming to be carbon negative in the future.

‘Some large enterprises are looking specifically for Nordic data centers for their climate friendly and cost-effective solutions. The business has been global from day one’ proudly states Kim Gunnelius. He would definitely recommend Euroscalers program to anyone in a startup or growth company looking to enter a new market.

The second Vantaa-based company that has benefited from the Euroscalers program is Resonoi Oy. ‘Besides revenue, of course, product development is another driving force of our internationalisation process as we have found interesting customers abroad. Euroscalers facilitated better understanding of various factors when it comes to reaching new markets, as we didn’t have any prior experience in internationalisation. There are many companies with a similar situation to us and we really got good advice, examples and “hands on” sessions during this intense accelerator program, so we are recommending Euroscalers to all companies that have big ambitions and commitment to drive their business forward’ says  Resonoi’s CEO Markku Pitkänen.

From small startups to larger scaleups, if your company is seriously considering internationalization, then Euroscalers is the accelerator that can boost your sales in the European market. Keep an eye on their website to get updated information on the spring 2022 sign up period and quotations www.euroscalers.com.

For more growth opportunities please also see how Talent Vantaa could help your company in internationalization topics. Bridging Talent for Future -webinar series, for example, gives you coaching & sparring online on how to make internationalization happen with help of international talents.

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