Vantaa to lift restrictions on use of sports premises and hobby activities as of October 1


The City of Vantaa's remaining restrictions on using sports premises and hobby activities will be removed as of October 1, 2021. The restrictions will be lifted based on the guideline made by the metropolitan coronavirus coordination group on September 21, 2021.

There will be no restrictions on the number of people in open sports premises such as Vantaa’s swimming halls, gyms, and group-exercise sessions as of October 1.

Instructions for hobby activities on premises managed by the City of Vantaa will be changed from obligation to recommendation as of October 1 as follows:

  •  The hobby group shall assemble in the same composition.
  •  Contacts with other hobby groups shall be avoided.
  •  People with flu symptoms shall not participate in hobby activities.
  •  General instructions for hand hygiene and cough etiquette shall be applied to hobby activities.
  •  Unnecessary physical contacts shall be avoided in hobby activities.
  •  Potential seats for participants shall be sufficiently far from one another and staying on the premises otherwise shall be arranged with as much space available as possible.
  •  Coaches and over-12-year-olds are strongly recommended to wear a face mask indoors, unless absolutely prevented by health reasons. You do not have to wear a face mask while exercising.
  •  Everybody participating in hobby activities are instructed to observe the health-security instructions given.
  •  The arranger of the activities is always responsible for giving instructions and ensuring that the instructions are observed.
  •  Use of hobby and dressing premises by people other than the participants and coaches shall be minimized.
  •  The Regional State Administrative Agency’s decisions on public events shall be applied to the audience in competitions, matches, and tournaments.
  •  The above principles should also be applied to outdoor hobby activities, to the extent applicable.
  •  In order to prevent the coronavirus from spreading and in order to track infections, it is important that everybody participating in a hobby group be recorded.

Events arranged by actors other than the city

Vantaa has also updated its guideline for events arranged by actors other than the city. The updated guideline will enter into force on October 1, 2021.

The provider of events arranged by actors other than the city is responsible for ensuring that health-safety instructions are observed in accordance with §58c of the Communicable Diseases Act. The arranger of activities must ensure that:

  •  clients and participants can wash their hands,
  •  clients and participants are given instructions for social distancing, hand hygiene, and other practices preventing the spread of infections, and
  •  cleaning of premises and surfaces is boosted in addition to what is elsewhere stipulated as regards cleaning of the premises in question.