Vantaa residents aged 80 can make an appointment for coronavirus vaccination



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Vantaa has begun to administer coronavirus vaccinations for the elderly. Invitations to vaccinations are mailed in stages. Now being vaccinated are Vantaa residents aged 80 and over this year. In addition to them, over 65-year-olds living in the same household can simultaneously come to the appointment made over the phone to also have the vaccination.

The disease caused by coronavirus may be especially severe for the elderly, so we recommend everybody to take the vaccine. The vaccine is free of charge. By taking the vaccination you will protect yourself against the severe disease caused by coronavirus. The coronavirus epidemic will be over only when the majority of the population has been vaccinated, and even after the vaccination people must continue to protect themselves against coronavirus.

Primarily, appointments for coronavirus vaccinations should be made online:

  •  Currently, appointment can be made if you are 80 or older at the time you make the appointment.
  •  You must make an appointment for the vaccination. We ask you to make an online appointment at:
  •  If you cannot make an online appointment, you can make an appointment over the phone, tel. 09 839 50090, Monday-Friday at 8:00-15:00). Leave a call-back request, and you will be called back as soon as vaccination appointments are available. Note! In order to not overload the line, the phone number is only meant for the target group’s appointments, not for any other inquiries.
  •  In the first stage, the City of Vantaa's vaccination point is Sanomala vaccination point in Martinlaakso.
  •  Appointments are opened as soon as new vaccine deliveries are available. Appointments are offered 7 days forward. If no appointments are available, try again the following day.
  •  If you are a home care customer, your home care employee will inform you about the vaccination.
  •  If you are a resident at a nursing home, you will get the vaccination there.

Vantaa will mail an information letter about beginning the coronavirus vaccinations to all Vantaa residents ages 70 and over. The information letter will be mailed in stages per age groups, and the first recipients will be Vantaa residents ages 85 and over.

By following, you will stay up to date on the vaccination situation in Vantaa and the vaccination schedules of different population groups.

By January 4, 2021, 3,075 people were vaccinated in Vantaa.