Welcome to answer to the resident and organization questionnaire of Wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava!


The social and health services and the rescue services of the residents of Vantaa and Kerava will be transferred to the responsibility of the new Wellbeing services county as of 1.1.2023. The Wellbeing services county is a new organization independent of the cities of Vantaa and Kerava.

ihmisiä lampun ääressä

Wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava is being created together with residents

In order to develop the social and healthcare services and the rescue services of the Wellbeing services county of Vantaa and Kerava, we seek the views of the future Wellbeing county residents and organization representatives. The objective of this questionnaire is to survey the expectations and the wishes of residents and organizations regarding the future social, healthcare and rescue services.

The questionnaire is open online from 4th April to 17th April 2022. It takes about 5 minutes to answer and you may answer in Finnish, Swedish or English. The responses will be reported and analyzed anonymously in a way that individual respondents cannot be recognized. The questionnaire is executed by Gesund Partners Oy and it is ordered by Tulevaisuuden sote-keskus initiative (the social and healthcare centre of the future) and the Wellbeing services county.

The survey is closed on April 17, 2022. Thank you for responding to the survey.


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