Why do we need parents? Welcome to a city-wide parents’ evening!


The role of adults in the brain development of children and young people and stress control will be discussed at the parents’ evening held on 18 January.

The human brain develops slowly. The parts of our brain that continue to develop when we are over the age of 20 play a key role in self-management, self-regulation and stress control. These are skills that children and young people learn from adults close to them, especially those living under the same roof. Children and young people therefore need adult support well into their twenties.  

Children and young people are not fully able to control their emotions, behaviour and thinking, and this poses a variety of challenges in homes, daycare centres and classrooms. Most of us are familiar with stress. We adults often tend to think that children do not get stressed. But in fact, stress is particularly focused during childhood and adolescence as external expectations are focused on learning, and learning is stressful on the brain. 

The city-wide parents’ evening in Vantaa will provide information and understanding on how slowly the human brain develops, what is the role of adults in the process, and especially factors that hinder and promote stress management. You are most welcome to join us for a speech given by Heli Isomäki, Doctor of Psychology, as well as discussion on the topic with city experts. You can participate in person or remotely via the Vantaa channel. The event is for parents of children and young people of all ages living in Vantaa. 

Register for the event 

Time: Wed 18 January 2023 at 18:00–19:30  

Location: City Hall, Asematie 7, or remotely via the Vantaa channel

Please register for the event by 12 January if you are going to attend in person (also let us know if you need interpreting).

Coffee and refreshments will be served at the City Hall.  If you are planning to watch the event on the Vantaa channel, you need not register. A recording of the event will also be available later on. 

Heli Isomäki as the main speaker

The main speaker of the event, Heli Isomäki, is a health care professional, neuropsychology specialist and Doctor of Psychology. She specialises in brain development and the related disorders as well as their connection to various real-life needs such as learning, socialisation, working capacity and well-being. She has more than 25 years of experience in studying the brain of children, young people and adults, rehabilitation, and cooperation between parents, educators and teachers. 

Cooperation between home and education 

The City of Vantaa has introduced a new cooperation model between home and education that encourages guardians and education and learning staff to engage in active interaction. Explore the contents of the model and the cooperation checklists. We will also organise regional parents’ evenings during 2023. You can submit requests for topics to be discussed in these events in OsallistuvaVantaa.fi.