The benchpressing fest will take place on February 10, whereas high schools themselves decide on the senior dance


High-school graduates will have the benchpressing fest, signaling the end of actual schoolwork, on February 10, 2022. After the fest, the high-school graduates will begin their study vacation for the matriculation exams. Decisions on the senior dances will be made on a high-school-specific basis.

Vantaa Education and Learning Department sees no obstacles to having the benchpressing drive.

“We have two different routes, so everybody can follow the benchpressing fest outdoors, by observing social distancing,” tells Ari Ranki, director of Vantaa upper secondary education.

Routes and schedules of the benchpressing fest on February 10, 2022

The benchpressing trucks run the two traditional routes; one in East Vantaa and the other in West Vantaa. High-school graduates from Vaskivuori and Martinlaakso high schools climb the trucks running the West Vantaa route, whereas high-school graduates from Tikkurila, Sotunki and Lumo high schools, as well as from Helsinge gymnasium, take the East Vantaa route. You can come and watch the rides along the route.

East Vantaa: Joint departure from Tikkurila indoor ice rink at 12:00

Tikkurilan lukio, Sotungin lukio, and Lumon lukio, Helsinge gymnasium

Route: Läntinen Valkoisenlähteentie — Koivukyläntie — Leinelän puistotie — Leineläntie — Koivukylän puistotie — Kytötie — Peijaksentie — Laurantie — Hanabölentie — Koivukylänväylä — Kytötie — Koivukylän puistotie — Asolanväylä — Talvikkitie — Talkootie — Hiekkaharjuntie — Kielotie — Horsmakuja — Talvikkitie — Peltolantie — Osmankäämintie — Läntinen-Valkoisenlähteentie.

West Vantaa: Joint departure from Myyrmäki indoor ice rink at 13:00

Martinlaakson lukio and Vaskivuoren lukio

Route: Raappavuorentie – Martinlaaksontie – Laajaniityntie – Laajavuorentie – Kivivuorentie – Martinlaaksontie – Louhelantie – Vaskivuorentie – Myyrmäentie – Uomatie – Raappavuorentie – Virtatie – Myyrmäentie – Vaskivuorentie – Raappavuorentie – Rajatorpantie – Jönsaksentie – Vaskivuorentie.

The spring matriculation exams will begin on March 13, with the mother-tongue and literature textual skills test, as well as with the Finnish/Swedish as the second language test. Read more about the matriculation examinations online at:

Senior dance

The senior dance can be arranged as usual in February if the dance is arranged as the high school’s internal event without audience. If audience is allowed, the senior dance must be postponed because of the Regional State Administrative Agency's (AVI) valid assembly restrictions. The high schools make their own decisions on the implementation and schedule of the senior dance.


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