Information for guardians on applying for junior high school


A student studying at a Vantaa school does not have to enroll in a junior high school; the district manager designates the school based on the student’s place of residence. The decision on the student’s local school will be sent to Wilma by January 26, 2023. If a guardian wants to apply for a place at a junior high school on the basis of special grounds, or if the student is interested in weighted-curriculum education, see the application instructions below.

Special grounds for designating local school

If a guardian applies for a local-school place for the student based on special grounds (a health-related reason or another special reason) or on the basis of the sibling principle, the guardian shall fill out application for designating the local school for special reasons or on the basis of the sibling principle.

The guardian shall mail the form to the district manager by October 31, 2022, address: Kasvatus ja oppiminen / aluepäällikkö PL 1500 01030 Vantaan kaupunki.

You can also scan the form and email it to:

Weighted-curriculum education

If the student is interested in studying at a music class, in Swedish-language total language immersion program, or in English-language instruction, the guardian must contact the school arranging the education in question as regards the application process. More information on weighted-curriculum education is available on the website at: Options at basic education

Urhea junior high school activities

Applications for Urhea activities shall be submitted when in the 6th grade. The application period is from January 26 to February 10, 2023. Application information will be sent to the guardians through Wilma in December. More information on Urhea junior high school activities and schedules are available on the website at: Urhea activities


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