Possible bus strike will affect school transport and travel to schools/educational institutions


Finnish Transport Workers’ Union AKT has issued a strike warning concerning bus staff. If negotiations do not lead to an agreement, the strike will begin on Wednesday, 1 March and end on Friday, 10 March.

Image: City of Vantaa/Sercan Alkan

The bus strike will affect pupils and students who take the bus to school. There will be no substitute transport to schools and educational institutions. 

School taxis will run as normal.

Basic education

School work will be arranged in the normal manner according to the pupil’s schedule despite the possible strike. The school will inform the family if there are slight changes to the child’s schedule due to the strike. 

If you bring your child to school by car during the possible strike, please take special care to ensure safety in the school yard and the surrounding area. 

If your child has to stay at home due to a transport problem, you must submit an absence notification.

General upper secondary schools and Varia

In upper secondary education, students are generally expected to come to the educational institution. If some of the students are unable to be present due to the strike, the teacher may open a remote connection during the lesson if possible. 

Vocational students in on-the-job learning agree on arrangements separately with the on-the-job learning place.

Early childhood education

Early childhood education will be arranged in the normal manner despite the possible strike. If your child is absent, please notify the daycare centre in accordance with normal practice.