Vantaa to close premises and cancel events due to rapidly deteriorated coronavirus situation – activities for children and the young to continue, however



Safety and securityHealth

The City of Vantaa will cancel all indoor public events and close its public premises due to the rapidly deteriorated COVID-19 situation, in accordance with the Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland's decision. The restrictions do not apply to hobby activities and services for those born in 2004 and younger. The city will not restrict its statutory services, either.

All city-arranged public events will be canceled for the period of December 28, 2021 - January 17, 2022. The restrictions applied to customer and public premises will be valid from December 28, 2021, to January 17, 2022. The COVID-19 passport cannot be used as an alternative to shutting down premises and canceling public events.  

The purpose of the restrictions now imposed is to reduce contacts, to protect the residents, and to decelerate the bad COVID-19 situation. The best way to protect yourself against coronavirus is to avoid contacts and take the free-of-charge vaccine. 

Premises to be closed

The city’s indoor sports premises, swimming halls, public saunas, and premises used for hobby activities for adults, as well as citizens' houses’ public activities will be closed until January 10, 2022. The city's outdoor sports premises will remain available as usual.  

Professional competitive and world-class sports for people of all ages on indoor sports premises can, however, continue without any audience present,  provided that certain conditions are met. Indoor sports premises can also be used for Kela’s rehabilitation. 

Activities for children and the young to continue

Schools will begin their operations according to schedule on January 10, 2022. In the future, students in grades 3 and above have to wear face masks; in other words, the face-mask requirement is expanded.

According to the Children and the Young First principle, guided hobby activities for those born in 2004 and younger can continue in swimming halls and on other indoor sports premises. Youth centers will continue their activities for those born in 2004 and younger, whereas activities for adults will be suspended. 

The COVID-19 passport is required from all 16-year-olds and older that participate in activities on these premises.

Libraries, museums and Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos to remain open

Libraries and museums will remain open, but no public events will be held on their premises. Vantaa Infos will remain open in Tikkurila and Myyrmäki. Museums require the COVID-19 passport. Libraries and the two open Vantaa Infos will ensure the visitors’ safety by sharpening their health-security practices. 

Furthermore, the city’s open daycare centers and open meeting places will continue their operations. 

Vantaa Adult Education Institute will adopt distance learning for the period of December 28, 2021 - January 17, 2022. 

Taking the vaccine is of utmost importance 

The coronavirus situation has rapidly deteriorated during the past few weeks in Vantaa as in the rest of Finland, and the number of infections has reached its highest level in Vantaa during the entire pandemic. The number of infections keeps on rapidly growing on a daily basis, and the majority of the infections confirmed in the HUS Hospital District are caused by the Omicron variant. 

The City of Vantaa recommends that private events be avoided and that social contacts be limited to one’s inner circle. If you have not already taken the free-of-charge COVID-19 vaccine, do so immediately.

You can make an appointment for the vaccination online (, or by phone (tel. 09 5844 3030, Mon-Fri at 8:00-16:00), or by going to a vaccination point where vaccines are administered without advance appointment.