City council ratified Vapaala daycare center's needs assessment project plan


In its meeting on October 25, Vantaa city council discussed the city’s finances and ratified the budget changes, proposed by the mayor, in the budget’s operational economy and investment sections. In addition, the city council ratified Vapaala daycare center's needs assessment project plan.

Interim report on January - August: Improved coronavirus-year profit forecast

The city council entered for information the second 2021 interim report. Vantaa’s growth remains strong, even though it has slightly decelerated during the coronavirus year. At the end of July, the city’s population amounted to 238,726.

The coronavirus epidemic has greatly affected both the city's revenues and costs. However, the successful over-40-million euro balancing of the economy, coupled with increased tax revenues, improved this year’s profit forecast. On the other hand, social welfare and health care costs are estimated to exceed the budgeted level.

The coronavirus epidemic has incurred social welfare and health care costs exceeding €50 million, but the state is expected to remunerate for these costs in full. This year's annual margin is estimated to amount to €98.5 million, which exceeds the anticipated budget sum by approximately €30.5 million.

The coronavirus epidemic caused the city’s unemployment rate to drastically rise, climaxing in May 2020, after which the unemployment rate has been in a—mostly—slightly downward spiral. Especially worrying, however, is the fact that the number of the long-term unemployed has more than doubled from the situation last year. On the positive side, youth unemployment has lowered, even though it still remains higher than it was before the coronavirus.

New daycare center pavilion in Vapaala

The city council ratified Vapaala daycare center's needs assessment project plan and decided to add the project into the city’s new-building investment program.

The new daycare center pavilion will replace the Vapaala daycare center, built in 1970. In addition, the pavilion will replace the Virtatie pavilion, which will no longer be used as a daycare center. The pavilion will help meet the challenge of Myyrmäki major region’s growing number of early-childhood-education-age children.