New guidelines: 7th - 9th-graders will return to contact instruction as of May 3


Contact instruction

Students in grades 7-9 will return to contact instruction as of May 3. The metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group outlined yesterday, April 20, that students in grades 7- 9 will return to contact instruction as of May 3.

Contact instruction remains to be dictated by instructions related to coronavirus safety, for example, wearing face masks is mandatory for the personnel, and students in grades 6-9 are recommended to wear face masks.

Excursions and camp schools

Various coronavirus-related restrictions are being gradually canceled on the national level, and basic education applies the same principle. Therefore, schools can arrange excursions and camp schools, accounting for coronavirus safety, as of May 3.

Coronavirus safety entails the same operating principles as applied to an ordinary school day. We still strive to avoid large crowds and contacts outside our groups, and we will account for this also when choosing the excursion destinations.

Use of public transportation is not possible, so we have to use charter buses for any potential transportation. If any guardians do not want their children to participate in excursions or camp school, the students in question must be provided with a program corresponding to school days and taking place at the school.

Introduction days

Introduction days for school newcomers and those transferring to junior high school will be arranged in a planned manner by utilizing virtual meetings and methods related to them. The introduction day for school newcomers is on May 11, while the introduction day for those transferring to junior high school takes place on May 19.

Spring party

We are waiting for the metropolitan area guidelines for the spring party, which are due by May 19.
If the coronavirus situation and the national coronavirus instructions change into a stricter direction, there will be changes in the schools’ instructions as well.