Kuusijärvi is a place of recreation for the whole nation where you can enjoy the sauna, swimming and nature all year round. Kuusijärvi is a gateway to Sipoonkorpi National Park.

Ground rules

Kuusijärvi is a diverse nature and recreational area where you can enjoy yourself by going to the sauna, swimming or hiking in nature all year round. You can cross the grand Sudentassu bridge to get to Sipoonkorpi National Park from Kuusijärvi. It is important to follow the ground rules in order not to disturb other hikers or the precious nature of Kuusijärvi and Sipoonkorpi National Park. These rules benefit both us and nature.

Outings in nature

You can get around Kuusijärvi and the national park on foot, by skiing or cycling. Please use the trails to preserve nature. Do not disturb local residents’ properties. Parking is permitted only in the specifically marked parking areas. Walking dogs is permitted but remember to keep your pet on a lead. Bringing dogs to the beach is prohibited.

Litter-free hiking

There are no bins on the trails or further afield. A responsible hiker does not leave rubbish or other imprints behind. Remember to take your rubbish with you. Bins can be found on Kuusijärvi beach.

Picking berries and mushrooms and fishing

You are free to pick berries and edible mushrooms. Damaging vegetation or disturbing soil or animals is prohibited. Fishing and ice fishing is permitted under everyman’s rights in all areas except the protected Byabäcken, Ritobäcken and Hälsängsbäcken rivers at Sipoonkorpi. Fishing at Sipoonkorpi Storträsk requires a fishing permit from the participants’ association. You can purchase a fishing permit from Cafe Kuusijärvi. Fishing is prohibited at Kuusijärvi beach.

Lighting fires and camping

Lighting a fire at Kuusijärvi is only permitted at the specifically marked campfire sites. When a forest fire warning is in place, making an open fire is only permitted in cooking shelters with a flue. A new campfire site which includes a cooking shelter with a flue will open at Kuusijärvi at the end of 2022.

Camping, such as pitching a tent, at Kuusijärvi is prohibited on the public beach and in other public areas and their vicinity. Kuusijärvi nature and recreational area is best suited for daytime outings. In Sipoonkorpi National Park, camping and lighting a fire is only permitted at specifically marked camping and campfire sites.

Sipoonkorpi has five campsites: Ängesböle, Bisajärvi, Fiskträsk, Kalkkiruukki and Bakunkärr. Bisajärvi camping and campfire site is approximately 3 kilometres away from Kuusijärvi. To get from Kuusijärvi to Bisajärvi, follow a route marked with orange diamonds.

Sports and exercise

You can find lit exercise routes of various lengths at Kuusijärvi. The exercise routes become ski tracks in winter but during other times they are open for walkers, runners and cyclists. During winter, you can come ski on the lit tracks early in the morning. Some ski tracks are also open for other users. These areas are marked with signs. The Sudentassu pedestrian and bicycle bridge is one of these routes. In winter, Sudentassu is open for skiers, cyclists and other users alike.

You can also improve muscle fitness during outings in nature at the two outdoor gyms of Kuusijärvi. You can also get the whole family moving by going sledging or to the children’s playground.


Bicycling is allowed on the Kuusijärvi fitness tracks as long as you take the other people who are using the track into consideration. Bicycling is not allowed on Kuusijärvi beach. You can start your bicycle ride from Kuusijärvi and take the Sudentassu bridge to get to Sipoonkorpi National Park. Bicycling in the national park is allowed on the clearly distinct paths and roads.

Henkilö ulkokuntosalilla Kuusijärvellä.

Sudentassu (“Wolf’s Paw”)

The pedestrian and bicycle bridge Sudentassu opened in December 2019. The bridge opened up new possibilities for recreation at Sipoonkorpi National Park. Kuusijärvi nature and recreational area and the grand Sudentassu bridge provides hikers with easy access to the Sipoonkorpi wilderness. Sudentassu is approximately 1 km away from the Kuusijärvi car park.

Kevyenliikenteen silta Sudentassu.

Campfire site

A new wheelchair-friendly area for local hiking needs will be built on the eastern shore of Kuusijärvi. Once the new campfire site opens at the end of 2022, everyone will be able to enjoy the lake views and snacks around a campfire.