Vantaa's info about Coronavirus situation

Read all the information and instructions about the situation with Coronavirus (Covid 19) at in English. To prevent the spread of coronavirus from Uusimaa to other parts of the country the traffic between the region of Uusimaa and other regions in Finland is restricted until 19 April 2020. Uusimaa residents are urged to stay at home.

Saturday 28.3.2020

Do you have coronavirus symptoms?

Describe your symptoms on the online service and you will receive instructions for your situation. We will contact you within 2 weekdays, if required by your state of health.

Tuesday 24.3.2020

Information for pupils and guardians

Special arrangements have been introduced in early childhood education, basic education and high schools.

Wednesday 18.3.2020
Girl making a phone call

Vantaa offers telephone counseling

The service is meant of everyone in Vantaa who is wondering about how coronavirus affects their everyday life.

Tuesday 24.3.2020
A separate school building for students with the most severe indoor-air-related symptoms

Help for indoor-air-related symptoms

Vantaa has improved the support given to students suffering from schools’ indoor air.

Friday 13.3.2020

Welcome to Vantaa Info!

Vantaa Info is a place where you can take care of issues related to your everyday life and to your leisure time. We offer you expert counseling by utilizing our networks.

Thursday 6.2.2020

In you find information about Vantaa and how to live in Vantaa in 12 languages.

Wednesday 9.10.2019
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Wednesday 9.10.2019