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Influence your own social, health and rescue services – vote! The advance voting period is from 12 to 18 January 2022 in Finland and from 12 to 15 January 2022 abroad. Election day is 23 January 2022.

Friday 14.1.2022
Vantaa's logo and text that says Updated info on coronavirus situation

Vantaa's info about Coronavirus situation

Read all the information and instructions about the situation with Coronavirus (Covid 19) at in English.

Monday 28.9.2020

Vantaa to close premises and cancel events

The city will cancel all indoor public events and close its public premises due to the deteriorated COVID-19 situation.

Tuesday 4.1.2022

Coronavirus infection tracing

Vantaa will not place anybody exposed to COVID-19 in educational institutions, schools or daycare centers in quarantine. It is of key importance to take COVID-19 vaccines.

Tuesday 11.1.2022
Child reading at the library

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Friday 14.1.2022

Those belonging to the vaccination target groups can have their vaccine at any of Vantaa’s coronavirus vaccination points, with the exception of 5-11-year-olds.

Friday 14.1.2022

Welcome to Vantaa Info!

Vantaa Info is a place where you can take care of issues related to your everyday life and to your leisure time. We offer you expert counseling by utilizing our networks.

Friday 16.4.2021
In you find information about Vantaa and how to live in Vantaa in 12 languages.

In you find information about Vantaa and how to live in Vantaa in 12 languages.

Thursday 22.10.2020