Exceptions to city services (other than social and health services)

Changes in transacting and leisure services, in participation options, and in decisionmaking are listed below.

Vantaa Info

Of Vantaa Info’s service points, Tikkurila and Myyrmäki are open in accordance with their own opening hours. Korso Vantaa Info is closed until further notice.

Vantaa Info's counseling services is in charge of the general Korona helpline. We are increasing HR resources and arranging the sought-after further training. We will extend the helpline service hours and keep the line open also over the weekends. All events and happenings will be canceled until May 31.

You will find Urban Environment’s e-Services here.

Employment Services

Employment Services serves by phone and through e-Services; the service points are closed.

Youth Services

Regional youth work

Many different activities are offered to children and young people in the summer activities, among other things, in the form of day camps with athletics and culture, as well as in conjunction with youth centers in every Vantaa region.

Services for young adults

Youth Services will continue in the same way as during the spring, and the services wlll transition directly into the summer season program starting on 1 June. The young people’s workshop activity is preparing to start the more normal activity starting on 1 June.

Youth work taken to the home and outreach youth work meetings will be realized with remote contacts. The outreach youth work will be gradually transferred to work at the office starting on 1 June. Young people can also be met face-to-face also in Liido, Vernissakatu, or in the young person’s neighborhood.

Cultural youth work

Cultural factory Vernissa’s art activities and art education are suspended. Public events are canceled until May 31, 2020. Other cultural youth work will take place online with remote access.

Leisure Services

Leisure Services will open in Vantaa in a managed way and the necessary social distancing and hygiene guidelines will be followed in all the services.

Large events are cancelled until the end of July in accord with the Council of State’s policy.


The libraries are open with limited services. You can return materials to the libraries and it is possible to make new reservations.

Reservations can be picked up at the following libraries: Hakunila library, Koivukylä library, Lumo library, Martinlaakso library, Myyrmäki library, Point library, Pähkinärinne library, and Tikkurila library.

The libraries will open also for other activities starting on 1 June, but all the spaces, for example, newspaper reading rooms, will not be in use.

Nature outings

City-arranged nature outings are suspended until at least May 31.There will be nature outings during the summer.


City of Vantaa outdoor sport facilities have been reopened. Remember to follow the existing restrictions and regulations and maintain safe distance to other people.

Indoor sports facilities are to be opened from 1 June onwards. Swimming pools open their doors for swimming clubs’ supervised training and to applicable public use.

There will be guided exercise for senior citizens via online broadcasts in the future also. In continuation, the exercises will be broadcast from the exercise services’ own studio.


Kuusijärvi outdoor recreation area’s sauna services are to be opened from 1 June onwards.

Cultural premises and services

Cultural Services’ units are closed as follows: Cultural House Martinus, Lumosali, Lummesali, Children’s Art Centers Pessi and Toteemi.

The cultural services for children reopen in June. The activities are arranged with both the city and other operators and they will take place in groups with 50 participants or less.

Vantaa continues to stream events and to arrange other virtual events online as well.


Vantaa Art Museum Artsi reopens on the June 1st. Galleria K reopens on the June 3rd.

City Museum is currently renovated. It will reopen in the autumn.

Basic art education

Vantaa Art School applies distance learning. All instruction is provided as distance education.

Vantaa Music Institute

Vantaa Music Institute has continued the semester mainly in contact teaching starting from the May 14th.

Citizens’ houses

People can enjoy outdoors at Katrineberg manor if they remember to keep safe distance to others. Vantaa citizens’ houses are to be reopened from the August 5th onwards.

Community Services’ employees will provide counseling and support over the phone.

Shared Table’s community lunches are suspended until further notice. Citizens' houses no longer offer meals. For the time being, Hävikkiterminaali operates as usual. All events at Hävikkiterminaali are canceled until the end of May. Acute food aid is secured by the extensive network, and a sufficient number of deliveries of food bags is arranged.

Adult education institute

Adult Education Institute still remains mainly in remote teaching and learning.


The city's decisionmaking will be ensured and the bodies’ general meetings will be held according to schedule.

Vantaa has set up a command center / situation room that monitors the development of the situation. In addition, the emergency situation management group assembles on a regular basis; initially, once a day.

Participation and influencing

Based on current national guidelines for preventing the spread of the coronavirus, public events related to planning work are canceled until the end of May. It may be possible to arrange some of these events at a later stage, but optional participation methods are being developed for the majority of them.

Information on arranging planning events in which residents can participate will be updated on the Participation in planning website (in Finnish) as soon as more information is available.