Isolation instructions

If you have been exposed to coronavirus, here you will find practical instructions for isolation.

Have you been exposed to coronavirus? Read quarantine instructions here.

1. Avoid all contact

Stay at home and only transact with those living in the same household, in other words,

  • Do not invite guests or, for instance, a cleaner to your home. If a home care nurse visits you, tell them about your situation in advance.
  • Do not go to your workplace (you can work from home), school or day-care center.
  • Do not go to a store, shopping mall, restaurant, pharmacy, bureau, library, theater or other public premises.
  • Do not go to a gym, gym session, indoor swimming pool or other hobby place.
  • Do not go to a church, mosque or any other corresponding meeting place.
  • If you have made a non-urgent appointment for some health service, postpone your appointment.
  • Do not use public transportation vehicles (train, bus, airplane). If you need a taxi, request one with a plexiglass.

Avoid using the elevator, do not move on the condominium's public premises, and do not use the condominium's sauna. Avoid touching banisters and other surfaces that other people touch.

Remember to observe good cough, sniffle and hand hygiene.

You can engage in outdoor activities, but avoid other people. Keep at least a 2-meter a distance to passers-by.

2. Watch the quarantine instructions on video and follow them carefully.

Quarantine instructions for those exposed to Covid-19. (In Finnish)

3. You have received a positive coronavirus test result and are waiting for infection tracker’s contact

Prepare yourself as follows:

1. Think about where you could have been infected. The infection has occurred during the 14 days preceding your becoming sick.

2. The people you have met during the 48 hours preceding your becoming sick may have been exposed to infection. Think about who you have met for more than 15 minutes indoors:

  • At work, school or educational institution
  • At hobbies, at a museum, at the movies
  • At a party, another event, bar, restaurant
  • At a church, mosque or other meeting place.
  • At a bureau, at health care.
  • In Finland or abroad.

3. When required, check your calendar and receipts for the places where you have transacted.

4. Compile of a list of the people you have met: name, phone number, municipality of residence.

We will not disclose your name to the persons you notify. If you wish, you can tell them about their potential exposure to coronavirus yourself.