Contact oral health care without queueing - click your symptoms on the online service!

Describe your symptoms on the online service and send the information electronically directly to Oral Health Care. We will contact you during the next week.

When our professionals receive the preliminary information about your problem and the urgency of care, they will contact you and refer you to appropriate care; for example, reserve an appointment for you with a dentist or dental hygienist.

Click this link to access the service.

Note! If your problem is urgent and severe, directly contact Vantaa Oral Health Care appointment service (weekdays from 7:30 to 14:00, tel. 09 8393 5300), Haartman hospital (Mon-Fri: from 14:00 to 21:00, Sat, Sun and on weekday holidays: from 8:00 to 21:00, tel. 09 3104 9999) or Töölö hospital (at night from 21:00 to 8:00, tel. 040 621 5699).

Appropriate care faster and easier

The new service aims to make it easier, faster and more pleasant for residents to get appropriate care and examinations. You no longer have to describe your symptoms to several people in several places, since professionals get the initial information of your problem and the urgency of care from the system. The service also interprets the urgency of care and will urge you to contact an emergency clinic, when required. You can contact the health center at the time most convenient for you, without having to queue. Thanks to the system, professionals will have more time to encounter people and care for them.

Make an online assessment of need for care

You do not need to register or create identifiers for the system: all you have to do is to accept the terms of use, after which the service will guide you. It is easy to use the service:

1. Click your symptoms on the online service
The service allows you to click the positions of your symptoms on a picture, after which you can give further information. This way, professionals gain the primary information of your problem and the urgency of care. If your symptoms indicate that you might need the services of an emergency clinic, the service will stop filling in the data and tell you where to contact.

2. Identification
After describing your symptoms, enter your identity and contact information. The system will also ask you to state times when you cannot come to an appointment, which makes it easier to find an appointment time suitable for you. Finally, send the data. You will receive an email confirmation of delivering the data.

3. Referral to treatment
After you have sent the data, you will be contacted and referred to appropriate care, at the latest, within two weekdays. You will be contacted by phone or text message.

The easiest and fastest way of receiving appropriate care is to make an online assessment of need for care. You can, however, still call our appointment service.

We welcome your feedback

How would you rate online assessment of need for care? Tell us about your experiences and give feedback online. With the feedback given, we can further develop our service.

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