Korso and Koivukylä health centers’ day clinic activities to transfer to Koivukylä health center on September 1, 2020, at 9:00

During the summer, Korso health center has been in charge of Korso and Koivukylä health centers’ combined day clinic activities (treatment of acute cases).

On Tuesday, September 1, 2020, at 9:00, the day clinic activities of both the health centers will move to Koivukylä health center, Karsikkokuja 15 (2nd floor) where the combined activities will continue until December 31, 2020.

The day clinic continues to function by appointment. You can make a day clinic appointment over the phone, tel. 09 839 50000, or by submitting an online assessment of the need for care through Vantaa's Click Your Symptoms online service.

Both the health centers’ non-urgent cases are treated at their own clinics

Korso: Naalipolku 6, Koivukylä: Karsikkokuja 15.

Koivukylä health center

Health centers' phone service is busy

At the moment:

  • we can only answer urgent calls. If you need non-urgent care please contact us later.
  • it's not possible to leave a call-back request.
  • you can't make an appointment to a nurse through online service Maisa

We regret the situation.

Informing of the coronavirus test results and canceling the sampling appointment

If you have taken a coronavirus test, please wait for the health care service to contact you about the test results. If your test result is negative, you will be informed about it by text message. If the result is positive, we will call you.

If you have taken the coronavirus test somewhere else and want to cancel your sampling appointment, send a text message to 040 574 4555. Please note that even if your symptoms have lessened, it is good to go and have the test.

Health center's phone service during corona epidemic

If you need non-urgent care during coronavirus epidemic

1. Click your symptoms on the online service. We will contact you within 2 days.

In urgent cases

  • Call the appointment service at 8:00-16:00, tel. 09 839 50000. More information about calling to the health centers here.
  • Evenings, nights, or weekends call tel. 116 117

If you fall ill suddenly and don't suspect coronavirus: patients with no personal doctor can freely choose the day clinic where they want to go to among all the health centers in Vantaa.

New coronavirus helpline for all Vantaa residents

Counseling service Tel. 09 8395 0070

Call the number if

  • you are concerned about how the coronavirus will affect your everyday life.
  • you think that you have been exposed to the coronavirus or,
  • based on your symptoms, you believe you may have been infected.

Information about the coronavirus disease and its prevention

Think you may have the coronavirus?

If you have only mild symptoms, you can make an appointment for the test yourself. You will find more information on the service in the notification. At the moment, you can only book an appointment for yourself. A feature that allows users to book an appointment also for other people, such as one’s child, will be added to the service in the future.

Coronavirus symptoms

If you think you need professional help, submit an online assessment of your symptoms.

Koivukylä health center

Notification 19.3.2020

On 20.3 2020 Koivukylä health center will serve from 8 till 14.30. If you need urgent care, you can go to Korso health center after 14.30.

Urgent cases

Did you fall ill suddenly? Patients with no personal doctor can freely choose the day clinic where they want to go to among all the health centers in Vantaa. View the health centers’ queue situation.

Urgent care on weekdays at Koivukylä health center:

  • Come to the health center between 8:00 and 16:00.
    • Report in the waiting room in lobby 1.
  • You can call the appointment service at 8:00-16:00, tel. 09 839 50000, or come to the health center without advance appointment.
  • In acute cases, please contact the health center already in the morning.
  • Health counseling in Vantaa is available on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00, tel. 09 839 50000
Evenings, nights, or weekends or in case of acute and severe illnesses:
  • Seek help at the around-the-clock health center on-call service at Peijas hospital (Sairaalakatu 1, 01400 Vantaa), tel. 116 117

In case of an emergency, call 112.

On-call nurse without advance appointment

You can come to an appointment with an on-call nurse without an appointment in case of

  • acute wound, small accident,
  • patient with blood pressure and symptoms
  • suspected sexually transmitted disease
  • child's sickness certificate for guardians
  • need for short sickness absence: stomach flu, cold, diagnosed migraine

NOTE: Koivukylä health center does not take pharynx or urine samples. When required, contact the health center. The health center will give you a referral to HusLab.

Non-urgent cases

Would you like to book an appointment or inquire about your lab results?

Would you like to ask for advice?

  • Health counseling in Vantaa is available on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00, tel. 09 839 50000

Ask a public-health nurse

  • Public-health nurses phone consultation hours are on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00, tel. 09 839 50000

Public-health nurses advise on issues related to lifestyles, diabetes, mental health, blood pressure, and cholesterol. You can also make an appointment with a public-health nurse by calling the team phone numbers.

The deaf and the hearing impaired

Deaf and hearing-impaired Vantaa residents can make or cancel appointments by text messages. When making an appointment, a nurse may text questions clarifying the customer's situation.

  • Write your full name, identity number, and reason for appointment in your text message and send it to phone number 050 304 2777.

Problems with substance abuse?

You can ask a substance-abuse nurse about advice, if you are worried about your own or your relative's use of intoxicants. You can make an appointment with a substance-abuse nurse by phone from Monday to Friday: 8:00-12:00, tel. 09 839 37402.

Do you need a vaccination?

Vaccinations are given on Fridays from 8:00 to 9:00, no appointment required, at waiting area 4. Note: There will be no vaccination reception on Friday 27.12 and 3.1.

Take a queue number at the waiting area. We give the most common vaccines (tetanus D, polio, MMR) as well as basic vaccines for travelers (bring your own vaccines with you). The prescriptions for voluntary vaccines will be given by a doctor.

Note! Only Tikkurila and Myyrmäki health centers provide yellow fever vaccination and anti-malarial drugs.

Measure your blood pressure

You can measure you blood pressure yourself at lobby 1 (to the right from the elevators).

Efflorescence reception

Transacting by queue number on Tuesdays from 14 to 15. You will find us in waiting room 4 on the 2nd floor.

You can come to the reception without advance appointment or referral. We assess individual skin changes, such as moles, not rashes or poxes. Koivukylä efflorescence reception serves residents in Koivukylä.