Coronavirus vaccinations

We will collect vaccine-related status information on this website. By following the webpage, you will stay up to date on the vaccination situation in Vantaa and the vaccination schedules of different population groups.

Vantaa has started administering coronavirus vaccines

Coronavirus vaccinations began on January 5, 2021, when a small number of coronavirus vaccines arrived in Vantaa. The first vaccines are given to employees caring for patients infected with coronavirus. Vantaa begins to administer vaccines to employees at nursing homes for the elderly in stages in week 2. Also, the first customers at nursing homes will receive vaccines in week 2.

Next in line after nursing homes will be vaccinations of the general population; the first target group consists of the elderly, compliant with the national recommendation. In Vantaa, the number of over-70-year-olds amounts to 25,000. Some of them are living in nursing facilities, some at home with the help of home care, and some are independently living at home. These groups can be vaccinated at the same time.The vaccination plan will be specified in stages in the course of the spring based on, for instance, the amount of incoming vaccines.

Vantaa applies the national coronavirus vaccination order:

National order of coronavirus vaccinations

Appointments for coronavirus vaccination

Members of the municipality cannot yet make an appointment for coronavirus vaccination. We will inform about the appointment arrangements, as soon as the arrangements have been finalized.

First-stage vaccinations to employees

The vaccinations will be carried out in co-operation between the City of Vantaa's health services and occupational health care. Vaccination arrangements will be notified separately to the units affected by the primary vaccination. Appointments for these vaccinations will begin in early January. If you have not yet been contacted about vaccinations, private operators are asked to contact Vantaa's vaccination contacts.:, Please note that the vaccination contact persons cannot take a stand on private persons’ inquiries.

National coronavirus vaccination target groups and their order

The vaccination target groups shall be viewed on the basis of medical risk assessments. The vaccination is first offered to the following groups:

  • social welfare and health care employees caring for patients with coronavirus, as well as employees at nursing homes
  • the elderly, as well as
  • people with a severe disease exposing them to coronavirus on medical grounds.

1. Healthcare personnel caring for coronavirus patients and round-the-clock care staff and residents

1. Emergency ward personnel
2. Inpatient, emergency wards and emergency services staff treating identified or suspected covid-19 patients
3. Staff at infection centers treating diagnosed or suspected covid-19 patients, coronavirus sampling staff, and laboratory staff performing coronavirus diagnostics
4. Staff and residents of the social welfare housing services and enhanced service operational units, that is, round-the-clock care (groups 3 and 4 can be vaccinated at the same time)
5. Critical social and healthcare personnel to a limited extent, for example, personnel in transplant units

The total number of people in the above groups nationally amounts to more than 100,000 when only care services for the elderly are counted. In Vantaa, around 5,500 people belong to groups 2-4.

2. The elderly and people with underlying conditions predisposing to severe coronavirus illness

1. ≥80-year-olds*
2. 75–79- year-olds*
3. 70–74- year-olds*
4. <70- year-olds, with a disease highly susceptible to severe coronavirus illness**
5. <70- year-olds, with a disease predisposing to severe coronavirus illness***

The national total of over-70-year-olds is around 800,000. In Vantaa, this figure is more than 25,000.

*including caregivers living in the same household
**Diseases that are highly susceptible to severe coronavirus illness include severe chronic kidney disease, severe immunosuppressive conditions (transplantation, acute cancer treatment) and severe chronic lung disease.
*** Diseases predisposing to severe coronavirus illness include, for example, coronary heart disease and cirrhotic liver disease..

3. Other population

The vaccination schedule of patients with underlying diseases is affected by how effective the vaccine is in these groups.

As more information becomes available on new coronavirus vaccines, their marketing authorizations and their importation, the evaluation of vaccinations in medical risk groups will be continued and the listing can be refined to divide patients with underlying diseases into several groups according to the level of risk.

In addition, the prioritization list can then be specified for both social and health care professionals and the general public.