Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapists serve both children and adults in issues related to nutrition.

They will answer questions related to eating and nutrition, as well as assess the sufficiency of nutrition. They will counsel you about eating disorders, handling special foodstuffs, and when a disease or another reason limits your diet.

You need a referral to nutritional therapy, which you can get from your own health center or counseling bureau.

Appointment service

For children and the young

  • tel. 040 185 6730
  • Mon-Thurs: 12:00-13:00

You can also make an online appointment for an under-6-year-old child if the child has received a referral to nutritional therapy.

Reserved appointments can be canceled by text message as well.

Nutritional therapists:

  • Children and the young (0—18-year-olds) Mervi Isoherranen
  • Adults Jaana Martikainen
  • Seniors (65-year-olds and older) Karoliina Salminen