Vantaa Hospital

Notification 26.3.2020

  • You can keep in touch with your relative or friend by phone in the afternoons.
  • Please be patient, if we cannot immediately answer your call.
  • If you wish to inquire about the patient’s state of health, we recommend that you directly contact the patient or personal nurse.
  • The personal nurse will contact the patient’s relatives in case there are any changes in the patient’s health.

Because of the coronavirus epidemic, Services for the Elderly and the Disabled protects the elderly and those with basic diseases against infection. Therefore, we are reducing or closing some functions based on the Communicable Diseases Act.

The cutbacks also help the employees to transfer from normal operations to critical functions. The cutbacks apply to, for instance, Vantaa Hospital's day hospital activities and the geriatric outpatient department, and they will enter into force in stages.

We will all together protect the elderly and those with basic diseases against coronavirus infection, which is why visits to senior citizens' centers and hospitals are forbidden. Please keep in touch with your relatives and friends by other means.

The City of Vantaa Hospital Services is responsible for all primary health care hospital operations in Vantaa.

Hospital Services consists of Katriina Hospital with 163 beds, in Seutula, and the geriatric acute care unit with 48 beds operating in connection with HUS Peijas Hospital.

  • Katriina Hospital (wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, Day Hospital and Geriatric Reception)
    Katriinankuja 4, 01760 Vantaa
    Tel. exchange: 09 839 331 on weekdays 8-16, a recording will be played at other times
    Fax 09 897 234
    Visiting hours 13-19
  • Geriatric Acute Care Unit and Home Hospital in connection with Peijas Hospital:
    AKOS1, Sairaalakatu 1 L, tel. 09 4716 6836, fax 09 471 66840
    AKOS2, Sairaalakatu 1 E, 3rd floor, tel. 09 4716 6591, 09 471 66599
    Visiting hours 14-18.30
    Home Hospital, Sairaalakatu 1 E, 3rd floor, tel. 050 3124 410 (around-the-clock)

Specialized Care

Different units of HUS provide specialized care for Vantaa residents. Of these hospitals, Peijas is located in Vantaa, address: Sairaalakatu 1.
For more details, go to Peijas Hospital's website.

Also other HUS hospitals care for Vantaa residents according to the agreed division of tasks.

For more details, go to HUS' website