Being an employee or a student at the hospital

Vantaa Hospital employs around 235 people. The majority of the employees are licensed vocational nurses, practical nurses, nurses, and therapists. Students of various professions carry out their study-related practical training periods by participating in hospital work. The majority of them are students at metropolitan-area educational institutions. Students can, however, be admitted from elsewhere in Finland and abroad.

The hospital acts as a teaching hospital. For doctors, working at the hospital is accepted as hospital service in specialization studies in general practice, geriatrics, and palliative care.

Permanent employees are required to have training in the field as stipulated by specific regulations. Head nurses and senior nurses are responsible for hiring permanent nursing staff and long-term substitutes. The senior physician is responsible for hiring doctors. Vacancies will be announced, among other things, on the City of Vantaa's website at: and on TE Services’s online system at: The service supervisor of Vantti Oy's Cleaning Services recruits custodial staff. In addition to professionals, students can act as substitutes. The studies required of students are separately specified. To inquire about temporary vacancies, contact Seure,, or head nurses, or tel. 040 538 8266.

The City of Vantaa appreciates competence in health and social services and is committed to developing its employees' professional skills. The city offers a lot of internal training as well as the possibility of external training.

Moreover, the City of Vantaa has company housing, inquiries of which should be directed to the City of Vantaa's housing and premises rental, tel. 09 839 22612, Mon-Thurs: 9-11, There is also a city-run day-care center and school in the vicinity of Katriina Hospital. A person employed for at least 2 months has the possibility of acquiring employer-subsidized commuter ticket.

Recruitment of nursing staff, tel. 040 538 8266
Recruitment of custodial staff, tel. 050 3121 753
Recruitment of doctors, tel. 050 3124 464

Working as a volunteer at the hospital

In addition to permanent employees and their substitutes, assistants and volunteer workers work at the hospital. They supplement and support the nursing work carried out by professionals. Volunteer operations are wide and varied: either of short or long duration, for instance, socializing with individual patients, assisting patients during trips to treatment and examination appointments outside the hospital, arranging entertainment and stimuli. Volunteer operations may also include activities that support the hospital's operations and are not directly related to patients.

Volunteers for terminal care are given training and other support, which is why it requires longer-term commitment.

Day Hospital's volunteer activities
tel. 050 312 1989

Hospital wards’ volunteer activities
tel. 043 825 3257

Terminal care volunteer activities
tel. 050 312 2127

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