Presentation of operations

Principles of hospital operations

A multiprofessional team—consisting of a doctor, nurses, therapists, and social nurses—is responsible for the patient's daily care. The patient's care and rehabilitation are assessed and planned on a weekly basis in connection with doctor's rounds and rehabilitation meetings. A personal nurse, responsible for nursing the patient during his/her hospital stay, is assigned to each patient.

The hospital's work approach promotes and maintains the patient's functional abilities, which is seen in numerous everyday routines. The patients usually take their meals together, socialize in the day room and participate in activities promoting their rehabilitation and discharge to the extent allowed by their condition.

The nursing staff and the patient together try to find and boost the patient's own resources that make it possible for the patient to cope with his/her daily activities. The aim is to increase the patient’s independent coping by different means: treatments, instruction, medication, physiotherapy, help, etc. According to the principles of rehabilitative approach, the employees avoid doing such things that the patient is capable of doing. The patient's own active role is important.

In the weekly goal meeting, the patient’s functional abilities, rehabilitation and time of discharge are assessed. The senior ward physician is at the ward on weekdays and circles among the patients once a week. When required, specialists can be consulted.

Patient-specific treatment negotiations will be held as required. The patient, his or her relatives and representatives of hospital and outside parties (e.g., service counselor) involved in the treatment/rehabilitation participate in these negotiations.

Personal nurse at the hospital

Vantaa Hospital has adopted the personal-nurse model, which entails that each patient is given a personal nurse at the beginning of the treatment period who will mainly be responsible for the patient’s care during the entire treatment period.

The personal nurse attends to all the patient’s matters and cares for the patient during his/her work shift. The personal nurse will give the patient and/or relative his/her business card at the beginning of the treatment period, so that they can contact him/her. The personal nurse shall primarily be contacted in all treatment-related issues.

Relatives will be given questionnaires to fill in, on the basis of which the patient’s condition and coping will be clarified before inpatient care. The personal nurse will compile a written care plan at the beginning of the treatment period that will act as instructions for other care workers.

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