What is Apotti

For the first time in the world, social welfare and health care data are combined in the same system, Apotti. There are currently hundreds of different kinds of information systems that do not communicate with one another in the municipalities included in the HUS hospital district. The fractured nature of the systems diminishes patient and customer safety, because customer and patient information is not updated and available to professionals in care or service situations.

Apotti is not just any IT project; it’s a project that brings change in operations. Apotti has workflows that follow customer and patient processes, as well as task and checklists, which will reduce the load on professionals’ memory. For instance, the Apotti system will guide the nursing staff by reminding them of any measure not taken. The system will also notify of any potential synergies of medicines.

Apotti will be adopted in stages. HUS Peijas hospital was the first to adopt Apotti in November 2018, followed by the City of Vantaa that launched Apotti in social welfare and health care on Saturday, May 11, 2019. In other City of Vantaa services, such as services for the elderly, oral health care and employment services, Apotti will be adopted in November 2019. The other municipalities involved in Apotti—Helsinki, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi and Tuusula—will adopt Apotti as of 2020.

Will adoption of Apotti affect services?

Vantaa will ensure service accessibility and quality also during adoption of Apotti. During personnel training and data transfer between different systems, we will have a lot of temporary employees supporting our permanent staff. Nevertheless, launching of the new system may cause some changes in our operations. We will try to make any changes in operations in such a way that our customers and patients get the service they need. We already apologize for any potential temporary, unexpected changes or delays in our services, which we will immediately notify on our website vantaa.fi/apotti.