Information and service counseling

Changes in customer counseling for the disabled

We will adopt a new operating more for counseling for the disabled as of January 17, 2019.

The aim of the new model is to clarify customer processes, hasten handling of matters, and improve accessibility. We will work in teams that are jointly responsible for social work for the disabled.

Contacts to customer counseling for the disabled through counseling for the disabled on weekdays at 9-15, tel. 09 839 24682 and by email: Applications are to be mailed to: Vammaisten asiakasohjausyksikkö, PL 2712, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki.

You can also meet employees of customer counseling for the disabled at Vantaa Infos, no advance appointment required:

• Wednesdays: at 13-15 Tikkurila, Dixi, Ratatie 11, 2nd floor

• Fridays: at 13-15 Myyrmäki, Myyrmäkitalo, Paalutori 3

You will find more information about our services on the City of Vantaa website where we will also inform of various events or changes in our services.

Announcement 23.11.2018
Personal-assistance service voucher

The Health and Social Welfare Committee approved the personal-assistance service voucher for the disabled and confirmed the value of the service voucher in its meeting on November 5, 2018. The service voucher is the number of hours for which the customer receives personal assistance. The service decision specifies which functions the assistance is targeted at. The customer chooses the service-voucher service provider. The service provider may charge €21/hour for the service.

The service voucher is an option for customers who have a verified need for personal assistance and who cannot act as employer of their personal assistant, but can use the service voucher.

Granting personal assistance is based on the service decision, which, in turn, is based on the assessment of the need for services made. The decision specifies the amount and contents of personal assistance. The customer will choose the service provider and make a contract with it. Personal assistance is free of charge for the customer; thus, when using the service voucher, the customer does not have to pay any own contribution.

Vantaa grants the service vouchers in the PSOP system; the next stage is for entrepreneurs to apply for inclusion into the system as providers of the personal-assistance service-voucher service. Instructions for application are available on the personal-assistance service voucher regulations or online at: The application process will take about two months.

When there is a sufficient number of accepted service providers in the PSOP system, the customers can start using the service voucher. We estimate that the service voucher system will have its first customers in February - March 2019.

Who is the service intended for?

The city's services for the disabled are meant for persons who, due to a disability or long-term illness, cannot find the services they need among basic municipal services. The aim of the services for the disabled is to ensure that disabled and chronically ill residents are given such targeted services that give them more equal preconditions for activities.

Vantaa arranges different kinds of services and financial assistance that will make it easier for the disabled to cope with life in and outside their homes.

Our services and assistance are based on assessment of need for services, the Act on Services for the Disabled, and the Act on the Intellectually Disabled. Services for the disabled are based on domestic guidelines.

A disabled person and an employee of Services for the Disabled will together compile a service plan for arranging the services. You apply for the services by filling in the application for services for the disabled.

How can I become a customer of Services for the Disabled

Customer relationship with Services for the Disabled begins when the customer contacts service counseling or submits an application for services for the disabled.

The customer and an employee of Services for the Disabled will together assess the customer's need for services, after which a service plan will be made together with the customer. If the customer wishes, his or her support persons can participate in compiling the plan.


For general information on services for the disabled, call 09 839 24682, Mon-Fri: 9–15:00.