Examining your basic financial situation

In order to ascertain your basic financial situation, data on your own and your family's income, expenditure and debts will be collected. First we will calculate the debt-management costs per month and find out how much debt is potentially overdue, in collection or in recovery proceedings. After this, we can consider ways to arrange your debts.


Income accounted for in debt arrangement consist of, among others:

  • earned income (with withholding tax, pension and unemployment insurance fees, and union membership fees deducted; you can verify the correctness of your tax rate with the Tax Administration’s tax-rate calculator)
  • pension
  • daily allowances (e.g., unemployment, sickness, maternity and parental daily allowances)
  • child home care allowance
  • housing allowance
  • child benefits
  • maintenance payment and child maintenance allowance
  • care allowance (care allowance primarily covers the care expenditure that is the basis for the benefit)
  • capital gain
  • other potential income and fringe benefits

Use Kela's calculators to assess the amount of housing allowance; financial aid for students; sickness allowance; rehabilitation allowance; maternity, paternity and parental benefit; and unemployment security.More information on social security and benefits is available on Kela's website.


Costs accounted for in debt arrangement consist of, among others:

  • costs of living (rent/maintenance charge, electricity, water rate, and in case of real property, also wage management fees, real-estate tax, heating costs)
  • commuting expenses
  • bigger-than-ordinary health care costs (exceeding Kela's payment ceiling)
  • costs arising from meeting with one’s child
  • day-care fees


How to cope with your debts? Calculate your facility to get an idea about how much you should be able to pay off your debt per month. Facility is the sum that remains available for debt management after the necessary expenses have been deducted from income.

Test the calculator at the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority (FCCA) website.

Specify your financial situation and debts

Read more: Takuusäätiö's website.


When arranging debts, assets other that those included in basic security will be used for paying off debt.

Examples of these assess include, among other things:

  • vacation home
  • shares
  • funds
  • savings/investments
  • valuable boat or other vehicle
  • other valuable assets