Mental health

Are you feeling anxious and depressed? Remember to take care of yourself. You will often feel better as soon as you sleep, eat and exercise enough. Substance abuse will make you feel worse.

If you are concerned about your mental health:

  • Seek help from Mental Hub. Mental Hub offers online self-care methods and mental-health services. A doctor's referral will give you access to also Online Therapy.

If the help you find online is not sufficient:

  • Make an appointment with a psychiatric nurse. You can make the appointment online; no referral required.
  • Or, you can contact your own health center.

The health-center employees will prevent, identify and treat the most common mental-health problems. The health center may also give a referral to, for instance, a depression nurse.

If the help provided by the health center is not sufficient:

Acute mental health problem

During office hours:
Contact your own health center.

Outside office hours:
Contact Peijas Hospital joint emergency service.