Mental health

Changes in substance-abuse and mental-health services

Mental health

If you are worried about your own, or your friend or relative's, mental health, do not hesitate to contact:

Psychiatric nurse

  • You will receive low-threshold help from a psychiatric nurse. You do not need a referral; it is enough that you feel that you need help.
  • Make an appointment with a psychiatric nurse by phone, tel. 09 839 34057, Mon–Fri at 12:00-13:00 or online through Maisa. You can make an appointment with a psychiatric nurse at Korso, Martinlaakso or Tikkurila health center.
  • You can also bring a relative or friend to the appointment.

Depression nurse specialist

  • An appointment with a depression nurse specialist is meant for adults with mild or moderate depression or symptoms of panic attack.
  • Make an appointment with a health-center physician at your own health center. The doctor will assess your situation and, when required, refer you to a depression nurse specialist.

Acute mental health problem

If you suffer from, for example, delusions, psychotic symptoms or self-destructive thoughts, seek help without delay:

Note! In case of severe, life-threatening illnesses, always call the national emergency telephone number 112.

Difficult life situation

If you have undergone a sudden crisis for which you need immediate support, contact Social Emergency and Crisis Center. Examples of these kind of crises consist of, among others, an accident that your family has encounters or death of a relative or friend.

Social Emergency and Crisis Center is open around the clock, throughout the year, tel. 09 8392 4005.

Contact the center in case of a difficult life situation. The customer him/herself, or his/her relative or friend can seek help.