Depression nurse specialists

Depression nurse specialists are psychiatric nurses specialized in treating depression. An appointment with a depression nurse specialist is meant for adults with mild or moderate depression. Your treatment will entail cooperation between a health-center physician, a consulting psychiatrist, and a depression nurse specialist.

How do I make contact?

  • Make an appointment with a health-center physician.
  • The health-center physician will give you a referral to a depression nurse specialist.
  • Make an appointment with a depression nurse specialist by phone.
  • You will get an appointment within two weeks.

What will happen at the appointment?

  • The nurse will make a care plan together with you.
  • You will meet the nurse 6-8 times.
  • The nurse will help you find solutions for problems that make you depressed, as well as support you in self-care of depression.
  • In addition to discussions, you may need medication whose effectiveness will be closely monitored. The doctor who gave you the referral is responsible for your medication.
  • Follow-up visits will continue for two years after termination of treatment.
  • If the depression nurse specialist's care is not helpful, you will be given follow-up care, for instance, in specialized care.

Would you like to study self-help methods?

Health centers arrange depression-school groups for those with mild or moderate depression. Do not hesitate to ask your depression nurse specialist for more information.

Online therapy

In Vantaa, you also have access to online therapy for depression. Research has shown that online therapy is an effective treatment and very suitable for those who have difficulties with coming to appointments during the day. A doctor's referral is always required for online therapy. For more information, ask your doctor or depression nurse specialist.