Psychiatric nurses

You do not need a referral or a diagnosed mental-health problem to make an appointment with a psychiatric nurse; it is enough that you feel that you need help. You can also bring a relative or friend to the appointment.

Psychiatric nurses have appointments at Korso health center (Naalipolku 6, Gate A, 1st floor), Martinlaakso health center (Laajaniityntie 3, 6th floor), and Tikkurila health center (Kielotie 11, Gate A, 3rd floor)

How to make an appointment?

You can make an appointment with a psychiatric nurse:

  • online, through the Maisa customer portal, or
  • by phone, tel. 09 839 34057, Mon-Fri at 12:00-13:00.

What will happen at the appointment?

  • Your situation will be charted, and the nurse will meet you 1-3 times to talk with you.
  • The nurse will chart your resources and talk about self-help with you.
  • There are therapeutic methods that will help you solve problems.

A psychiatric nurse is not the same as a depression nurse specialist. In order to make an appointment with a depression nurse specialist, you need a referral from your own health center.

Online therapy

In Vantaa, you can also get online therapy to treat various mental-health problems. Studies have proven that online therapy is an effective form of treatment. A doctor will assess your need for online therapy and, when required, give you a referral. For more information, ask your doctor or depression nurse specialist.