H-clinic, Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Clinic

Who are our services meant for?

H-clinic, situated in Myyrmäki, is a substance abuse rehabilitation clinic that offers its services to adults. Contact us if you are concerned about your own or your relative's or friend's substance abuse.

What services does H-clinic offer?

We assess the need for services and plan them together with the customer. Examples of our services consist of, among other things:

  • counseling,
  • assessing the need for treatment,
  • non-medicinal treatment for substance abuse,
  • substitution or other medicinal treatment for substance abuse, and
  • individual, pair, family, network, or group meetings

At our health and social counseling service points in Myyrmäki and Tikkurila you can replace your used drug paraphernalia with new ones, have tests and vaccinations, as well as get service counseling and assessment of your need for treatment.

How do I get to treatment?

You can come to the on-call appointment service or make an appointment during the on-call phone service hours. You do not need a referral. The services are free of charge for residents of Vantaa.