When a child lives outside the home

Sometimes a family's resources are not sufficient for ensuring a child's or adolescent's growth and development. In these situations, the child's upbringing takes place outside the home. A child or an adolescent can be placed in a family or in institutional care. A social worker decides on placing the child based on the Child Welfare Act.

Child Foster and Residential Care takes care of matters related to children and young people placed in foster care.

Tammirinne Reception Home

Tammirinne Reception Home is meant for under-12-year-old children taken into care. A social worker or crisis center makes the decision on taking a child into care. Tammirinne team assesses the need for care and taking into care in close cooperation with the child's parents.

Viertola Reception Home

Viertola Reception Home is meant for over-12-year-old children taken into care. At the reception home, the situation of the child and the family is assessed together with the child, the family, the network of relatives and friends, and social workers. Next, the need for rehabilitation and taking into care is analyzed.

Viertola units in Tikkurila: Reception ward Puntari and Potkuri teams

Rehabilitation wards: Harjula in Korso and Asola in Asola district

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