Home Care for Families with Children

If your family needs help in facing everyday challenging situations, do not hesitate to contact Home Care for Families with Children. The need for help may arise from, for instance, a family situation, birth of a child, exhaustion, illness, disability, or another reason.

Bulletin, November 11, 2021

There have been exceptional reductions in weekly call hours for families with children to week 46.

Call times in week 46:

Mon 15.11, Tue 16.11 and Thu 18.11 from 10-12

Wed 17.11 no call time.

Home Care's practical nurses and home aids will help you in:

  • home care and child care,
  • upbringing, and
  • supporting parenting.

Home care is not available as a mere cleaning service.

How can I order the service?

You can contact our home-care teams. You can also order the service in cooperation with a counseling bureau or a family worker. We will consider your need for care together with you before and during the work.


The fees are based on your income, family size, and service amount. A monthly fee or a fee based on the duration of the visit will be charged for the service.